Sunday, November 20, 2016

Democrat Narrative: It's All About Votes, Power, and Violence

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Pawns.  The sheeple who have fallen for the Democrat Party's rhetoric don't seem to understand that they are merely tools.  The Democrats know that when you buy votes with unconstitutional federal benefits you can treat the sheep any way you like and the voters will still do your bidding because of their dependency upon gifts from the treasury.  The Democrat voters believe the distractions, the rhetoric, and the propaganda because the liars of the Democrat Party leadership, media, entertainment industry, and educators said so.  To distract Americans from the issues, the Hillary Clinton campaign embarked on a campaign of mud slinging, trying to convince you that Donald Trump, and his Republican supporters, are white supremacists, racists, bigots, sexists, and xenophobic haters of all things not white, straight and Christian.  Trump was paraded around by the Democrats as some kind of authoritarian as if he is somehow someone who is in a political style similar to Hitler.  There were even some conservatives who fell for the deluge of false accusations - and they unfortunately joined the ridiculous, leftism orchestrated, Never Trump camp, and still continue to this moment in history after the election to try and convince Americans that Trump is somehow worse than Hillary Clinton, and he is going to renege on every one of his conservative-sounding promises.  The truth doesn't matter to these people.  We are expected to be led around by the nose by the seriousness of the allegations.  We are expected to believe the lies, without evidence, and without reason.

Now, as the protesters continue to swarm the streets of major cities with their snowflake temper tantrum, the anti-Trump crowd is unable to realize they are reacting exactly as they have been trained to do.  They are, after all, nothing more than votes and agitators to the Democrat leadership.  If the Democrats really cared about these people, after fifty years of Democrat control in the cities, life would be better, and the cities wouldn't still be a rotten place to live.

The Democrats can't believe they lost the 2016 Election.  They bought votes, they demonized Trump, they have control of the media, academia, Hollywood, and the dead and illegal aliens were out voting in force.

Hollywood Actor Michael Shannon has decided that there should be a civil war, and all Trump supporters should die in a politically motivated genocide.  How dare those right-wingers stand against his idea of what America should be.  Doesn't the Trump supporters understand that the First Amendment's enumeration of Freedom of Speech is only for those who agree with liberal left Democrats?  Otherwise, all dissent should be silenced. . . forever.

There have been calls for Trump's assassination, multiple times. Horrific threats to do violent harm to Melania.  Hillary Clinton was reported to have been physically violent after the election during her own temper tantrum.  Sanctuary cities saying they refuse to work with the new President after cities and States were expected to bow to President Obama's authoritarian demands.  The mainstream media's smugness has them in denial.   Uprisings have erupted all over the country fueled by hate-mongering liberals, including a shooting in Portland.  A mall Santa was fired for saying he has Hillary Clinton on his naughty list.  We have 'Anxious' and 'Fearful' students demanding days off to cry about Trump's win.  The anti-Trump leftists have savagely beaten innocent Trump supporters to a pulp. The Democrat Party voters are violently rioting, trashing property, burning the American Flag, and burning Trump in effigy.  California liberal Democrats are threatening to make sure the bluest of blue States secedes over the election.  Some leftist voters are willing to file false police reports that falsely accuse Trump supporters of robbing them so as to try and make Trump supporters look bad, instead.  A CNN reporter was even caught using one of the network’s former cameramen to pose as a disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporter in the hopes of stoking the madness.  And even after a couple weeks beyond the election the crybaby Democrat voters remain in the throes of a massive mental and emotional meltdown.

When I reported about Pence being booed at a Hamilton play on Broadway, a liberal commenter commented, "Poor baby.  Boo Hoo." (I deleted it because of the stupidity. . . maybe I should have approved it)  Really?  I didn't post it because because I am boo-hooing over it, idiot.  I posted about it because it shows how idiotic and unwilling to work with the other side you so-called tolerant, "all the world needs is a little love" hypocrites you leftists truly are.

It's like the idiot leftists booing the family of a fallen soldier on a airplane flight.  It's like the television station firing a reporter because she was happy Trump won on her social media page.  I'm not crying.  I'm pointing out how hypocritical the left-wing Democrat progressive liberal socialist nutcakes are.  They say they are the loving ones ("love trumps hate", remember?).  They say they are the tolerant ones.  They say they are the inclusive ones.  They say they are the understanding ones.  Really?

The hostile protesters aren't even really protesters, for the most part.  Democrat operatives are busing them in, and they are being paid to riot.  The liberal left is playing you, sheeple.  You are pawns in their plan to continue to divide America, and like mindless idiots, you do as your told without asking why.  You are nothing more than a vote and a useless idiot to the Democrats.  You are a tool.

How does it feel, liberal left sheeple, to be nothing more than a useless idiot used for political reasons?  Do you really think the liberal left Democrat politicians give a rat's behind about you?

Do you live any better than you did eight years ago?

And who are the protesters protesting?  White billionaires?  White rich people?  You mean like the puppet masters in the Clinton Crime family and George Soros?

And the war is just beginning.  So, liberal left loonies, do you want to be tools for socialism and people who don't give a care about you except for your vote?  Or do you want to fight for freedom and liberty?

The puppeteers want a race war.  They are baiting the ill-informed, because those people are loyal because of the gifts they get from the government.

Blood is already being spilled in the streets.

Raw hatred.  Primitive, primal hatred.  Mob violence.  That is what the Democrat Party represents. . . just as it did after the American Civil War when the Democrat Party created the KKK, Jim Crow laws, and participated in lynchings.

Where will the liberal left stop, this time?  Will they begin killing their opposition without remorse?  Will we be attacked in our homes?  Will conservative women and children be beaten because of the Democrat Party's out of control hatred for anyone who dares to disagree with them?

Heck, this is the angriest the Democrats have ever been in history, except when the Republicans freed their black slaves over a hundred years ago.

Trump is challenging the establishment, and the media.  He is exposing the corruption and lies of the Democrat Party.  How vicious do you think they will get now?

The heat is being applied.  The Democrats are so angry they are willing to push this to a breaking point with the rioting, rage and violence.  Members of the Electoral College are receiving death threats.

Will we even make it to Trump's inauguration day?

California Democratic senator Barbara Boxer just filed legislation to completely abolish the Electoral College!  Granted, it needs a constitutional amendment to be repealed, but Democrats don't care about the rule of law.  They just want their way.

The fair and loving Democrats refuse to accept the loss they received in this election. They loathe the thought of losing their power.  They are acting the way they claimed the conservatives would act in 2008.  Notice, there was never any violent rioting or belly-aching like this by any conservative. . . ever!

The Democrats refuse to go quietly. They criticized Trump's refusal to say if he'd accept the election results when they thought they were a shoe-in, yet now the are not accepting the election results and will do whatever it takes to get their way.

So, we must ask, "What's next?"

How far are they willing to push the envelope?

How violent are they willing to get?

Are the Brown Shirts ready to begin terrorizing anyone who dared to support Donald Trump?

One wonders.

Time will tell.

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