Wednesday, July 05, 2017

#CNNBLACKMAIL number one hashtag

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The creator of the CNN gets body-slammed by Trump video has been found by CNN, and they have extorted him into silence.

Now, thanks to CNN's thuggery, the number one trending hashtag on Twitter is #cnnblackmail.  Apparently, CNN doesn't understand that if they publicly blackmail someone for daring to oppose them, it will hatch more creative memes, gifs and videos designed to irritate them and oppose them.

Iron Fists always encourages Rebellion.

Thank you, CNN, for the gift of crying like a bunch of whiny babies.  It's given many creative types the desire to take it a step further in absolute comedy, and rebellion against the leftist authoritarians you represent.

Mark Dice discusses how CNN found a way to sink even lower than they have since the Trump inauguration, and he not only nails it, but shows the latest anti-CNN stuff to hit the web.

Funny stuff.

I love watching dirtballs like the liberal media knuckleheads squirm with discomfort.  If anything, the Trump presidency is entertaining.  I like watching the liberal left loonies squirm as they are played for the fools that they are.

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