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Democrat Julia Peacock Shamefully Turns Her Back on Republican Melissa Melendez

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By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

It was my fourth thing to do for the day.  I had spoken at a Tea Party meeting in the morning, hosted my radio program in the afternoon, lead a Constitution Association meeting in the early evening, and then capped the night off as an attendee at an NAACP Woman of the Year Award Celebration in Temecula, California.

As the local Mr. Constitution, a staunch conservative, and a very active political activist, it surprises people that I am friends with the local NAACP Chapter President (a Democrat) and Vice President (a Republican).  Local NAACP President Darrell Smith and I don't always see eye to eye politically, but we have vowed to be friends, and to work together on the things we agree with.  He's reasonable, and I consider him my brother.

His right-hand-man, V.P. Harry Ramos, is among my best friends, has a charming smile, and a heart for building bridges and giving to his community.  When asked about his position in the NAACP, he smiles brightly, and replies, "You'd be surprised how much we have in common."

Last November I participated in an NAACP local community forum, and most of the crowd had nothing but anger for me, especially after I began to discuss the dangerous and unconstitutional implications of California's Sanctuary State law.  But, in the end, after the yelling and screaming, most of us shook hands and promised to stay in touch.

Harry Ramos and Darrell Smith
I have attended two NAACP monthly meetings, and Darrell has attended one local California Republican Assembly meeting.  Bridges are being built, and while we don't always agree politically, we recognize the necessity of getting along and learning from each other.

As Director of Constitution Studies for the National Congress of Racial Equality, I am especially interested in making friends and inroads with the black community because I believe that misunderstandings and misinformation about the U.S. Constitution is largely what stands in our way when it comes to healing the division we seem to be experiencing in our society.

A little over a week ago, Harry Ramos asked me about a local plaque maker, and I directed him to a trophy shop I have dealt with in the past.

I attended the event tonight with a smile on my face, and a red, white and blue tie hanging from my neck. Half a dozen folks commented about how much they liked my tie.  A historian of the group, Brenda, who I have been building a friendship with, greeted me at the door.  A few folks in the room who had been shouting at me at the NAACP forum a little more than six months ago greeted me with a smile, a hug, and a "how have you been?"

Darrell reached out, grabbed my hand, pulled me in for a big hug, and said, "I am glad you are here, brother."  Later, while I was in line for food, he joked with the person in front of me about who was behind her.  She looked back, and shook her head.  "You're still hanging out with us, huh?"

"I know where the good party is," I replied.

Nine women received the Woman of the Year 2018 Honorees Award for their contributions to our communities.  Raven Copeland, a doctor of family medicine.  Martha Howard, Latina Association of Riverside County President (one of the folks who opposed me on the panel last November when it came to the immigration issue).  Rhonda Denise, a local business owner, Lovely Little Ladies Salon and Boutique.  Michelle McCoy-Whitehead, a CPO, Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist, whose non-profit work with prosthetics is absolutely amazing.  She was sitting at my table, by the way, so I got a chance to get to know her.  Mary Venerable, the local NAACP Branch's Treasurer, and always a dear to me, even though we have our political differences.  In fact, at the end of the evening she pulled me in for a group picture (shown left/above).  Dr. Shirley Johnson, a woman I have not had a chance to talk to in years, a fierce fighter, and a republican and democrat mixture, depending on the issue.  Gloria Quintero, a local business owner.  LaQuanda Buncom, a local business owner, Hair Ballers, LLC and LaQue's Training Academy.  And, Julia C. Peacock, a school teacher at Perris Union High School, and a Democrat Party candidate for Congress in the 42nd District (Ken Calvert's seat).  In the picture below she is third from the right.

Recipients of the Honorees Award

Murrieta Mayor and Riverside County Republican Chairman Jonathan Ingram was pointed out as a dignitary in the audience, and Darrell commented about how proud he was that the "Republican" extended a helping hand to the local NAACP organization, provided help as he promised to make sure the event happened, and expected nothing back in return.  Darrell also quipped about Jonathan's superior ability to cook

Congressional Candidate Dr. Norman Quintero (also a Democrat who's running for Calvert's seat, and also a person who hammered on me last November), was also recognized.  Quintero and I shook hands after the event ended, talked for a little while, exchanged business cards, and departed with a big hug.

After the honorees were given their awards, the big award came up.  The Woman of the Year Award for 2018 went to State Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, Republican, and probably the most conservative individual in all of Sacramento.

Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez with NAACP
local chapter president Darrell Smith
The plague was absolutely incredible.  The grace and humility that Melissa Melendez portrayed was right in line with her normal modus operandi.  Darrell Smith, however, when he made the announcement, added that there had been great controversy over the choice by the committee, because Melissa is a Republican.  "We are not an organization about party," he explained.  "We are about unity.  How can we build bridges if we are not willing to build?"

Harry Ramos later told me that the National office of the NAACP was upset as well, and the funds for the plaque had not been approved.  Darrell and Harry spent their own money to make sure the plague was made.

Melissa graciously accepted the award, and addressed the crowd with a speech about finding common ground, and that we are "all children of God."

The audience applauded, except for Congressional Candidate and school teacher Julia Peacock.  She, and her posse, turned their backs to Melissa, refusing the face the stage as the Republican Assemblywoman received her award, and as she presented her thank you speech to the local chapter of the NAACP.

You can see Julia Peacock, the man next to her, the young boy,
and the young lady on her left all with their backs to the stage.
I am going to assume that is her family.  What a rotten lesson to
be teaching her kids!

Later, I was informed (I couldn't hear her from my vantage point) that Julia Peacock was "booing" as well.

What kind of childish crap is that?

Is that what the Democrats are becoming?  Is their "resist" movement truly just a childish temper-tantrum?

While Darrell Smith and his NAACP Chapter is reaching across the aisle to show their appreciation for all of the hard work, and accomplishments, of Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, the hard core progressive liberal leftist Julia Peacock acted like a child . . . no . . . an ass for all to see.  It embarrassed her, and embarrassed the local chapter of the NAACP.

And that is why there is division in this country.  Not because of color, nor because of race, not because of one's heritage or origin, but because of white progressive liberal Democrats who think that their idiotic "resist" movement makes any sense.

Under President Donald J. Trump the economy is soaring, unemployment at all levels is reaching record lows, American business is booming, and the most tyrannical actors in the world are willing to come to the negotiation table after Trump has portrayed and waved the "big stick" might of the United States.  But, Democrats like Julia Peacock refuse to recognize the truth, and would rather act like a little child throwing a fit.  That's because for Julia Peacock, and Democrats like her, making America a better place is not in their interest.  They are agenda driven, and their ideology is so destructive that they are not even willing to admit that President Trump is achieving any kind of success as President of the United States.

Julia Peacock is the same candidate who has been illegally using taxpayer money to campaign on campus, and used voter rolls to seek attacks against someone on social media.  Now this?

Shameful, to say the least.

Melissa Melendez didn't turn her back to the stage while Julia Peacock was getting her award.

Congressional Candidate for the 41st District, Republican Aja Smith, didn't turn her back on Julia Peacock, either.

That all said, I suppose I could have caused a greater ruckus than Julia Peacock had.  After all, I was still wearing an AK-47 Tie Pin on my red,white and blue tie from my earlier Constitution Association meeting.

A few people actually did notice it.  Interestingly enough, they gave me a thumbs up.

I am figuring Julia Peacock would have also given me a digit in the erect position, but I am guessing it wouldn't have been her thumb.

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