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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Did you vote? I hope so.

I voted, and it was interesting because I was in and out of there quickly because I knew my issues, and how I was going to vote. The people voting when I arrived were still there when I left.


Flipping through the channels, I uncharacteristically stopped at CNN, and they were forcasting Democratic winners with 0% of the precints reporting - basing their decision on exit polls. And how often are exit polls correct? I'll wait until tomorrow before I cheer or cry, depending on the results.

Oh, and by the way, Scott sent me another postcard from Europe. Thing is, he bought this one early in the trip, and just now sent it to me from Italy. He claims that he was too busy to get it off sooner. Man, I wish I had that problem. Wow, traipsing around Europe on a multi-month vacation must be really stressful!

God Bless, and listen to My Point Radio tomorrow! I plan to call in!

P.S. That first picture is my house, and my neighbor's. Interesting thing is, we are the only two on the street with flags waving! Personally, I have four "Stars and Stripes." One in the front of my house. One in my office. One at my house in Brookings, Oregon. And one folded laying beside my United States Constitutionally protected guns.


Anonymous said...

So how you guys holdin up?

How 'bout that pendulum?

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Hey, it's gonna be rough. But the Dems will do stupid things, and the voters will respond back to the right next time. You know, it's amazing what a bunch of Marxist style propaganda can do when applied repeatedly. The left should be proud of themselves. They won back the house in a true, lying, cheating fashion. They never had to mention the specifics of issues once and pulled it off. I suppose a lot can be said for Hate-Mongering propaganda. Karl Marx would be proud.

Anonymous said...

Did ya see my question on the other post?
Good comments there Gibbs, rightfully so.

Anonymous said...

Nope, we'll cross our "t's" and dot our "i's" and sit up straight and pay attention. We've got two years to turn this country around and set it on it's rightful course. We can and we will do it, even with an obstructionist republican - and oh how I enjoy writing this - minority party doing everything they can to achieve utter gridlock.

Anonymous said...

..'an obstructionist republican' (?)

Man you have some mixed up views here mudkitty.
The Dems obstruct and object to just about everthing in the WOT.