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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So-called Tolerant Secular Militants wish to ban religion

When I sat down tonight to write about something, a number of things whipped through my mind. I've been up since 3:30 AM, and I just got home a little while ago (it's after 8 pm for me now). I showered, read my e-mail, and jaunted through my favorite news websites.

Everyone seems to be writing about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his promise to annihilate Israel, and how now plutonium has been found in an Iranian Waste Facility. Israel is in big trouble, and the new liberal Congress wants to cut and run. If we abandon our ally in that region, Israel is in real trouble. In fact, if we cut and run, Israel will be extinct.

Iran has proven that they cannot be trusted, and they could care less what the United Nothing says. They simply desire to accomplish the same thing that the terrorists want (probably because they are one and the same in most cases), destroy Israel, destroy America, and spread the Muslim Religion around the globe. Iran is developing nuclear weapons, have tested missiles that can reach Israel, and the left wants to cut and run.

An article by Ann Coulter on Human Events Online also caught my attention. Her article begins by indicating that 476 documents made a big thing about the "maginificent" achievement of Nancy Pelosi becoming the First Woman speaker of the house. Read the article HERE. Who cares if that b*#@&. . . uh, person named Pelosi is in such a position? Rather than be proud, we all should be shaking in our boots.

Then I came across an article the scared the heebie jeebies out of me.
When I was on My Point Radio with Dave and Jenn a caller that goes by the handle of Night Rider asked me if I believe that we are in the end times as detailed by the Bible. I do. But what I believe, or what anybody believes, regardless of what it is, is in danger in ways beyond imagination.

The secular world accuses the Christian right of being narrow-minded and intolerant. On Sunday, November 12th, Elton John told an interviewer that he wants to see an effort to suppress institutionalized faith. Specifically, he wants to ban religion completely. ". . . organized religion doesn't seem to work. It turns people into hateful lemmings and it's not really compassionate."

In a free society such as ours, he is entitled to his opinion just as is anybody else. But there is a real danger here, and not just to Christians. This kind of thinking will eventually take away other rights. When you single out a group like this you threaten to eliminate all groups.

I understand the reasoning, however wrong it is. Elton John's argument is that religion turns hate toward gays. It may seem that way to him, but that is simply not true.

I disagree with that lifestyle, but I have never claimed to hate the people. Religion does not promote hatred and spite against gays as he claims. We are following Biblical beliefs that dictate to us that such behavior is wrong, and Christians feel that a Christian institution such as marriage should not be dirtied by it. However, Christianity, though we feel homosexuality is a sin, isn't out there lynch mobbing gays, or trying to make it illegal to live that way. To take away their rights of choice would endanger our own right of choice when it comes to worship.

Besides, this really isn't about religion at all, as Elton John accuses. It is about God. Banning religion is about banning God.

Christians don't rally to ban atheism. Catholics don't protest against agnostics. Protestants aren't out there demanding that any icon that is Godless be removed from their view on hilltops. So why is it that the ones that claim to be tolerant and broad-minded demand the removal of crosses from public places, desire the ban of Christianity, etc. If there is to be seperation of church and state, then shouldn't the religion of atheism be removed from our governmental offices as well? How about removing the religion of Darwinism from our schools?

Why is it that my daughter's teacher can have a picture of Buddah on his wall, but not a cross or an image of Jesus Christ?

Who's the intolerant ones here? Who are the ones spreading hate and spite?

So as you place your hand on a Bible and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, remember that the Ten Commandments is being removed from the courthouse, and remember that there are those out there who wish to replace that Bible with Marxist literature, and who wish to take away your ablity to attend a church, pray in public or at home, or to say God's name unless it is being used in a profane way.

Yes, Night Rider, we are definitely approaching the end.

If we abandon God, America is in real trouble.

At the rate we are going "In God We Trust" will soon be a thing of the past, if those enlightened, tolerant, broad-minded Marxists have their way.


Anonymous said...

Now this is just pure balony, and if you fear this, then you must be shaky in your faiths, and your gods must be weak.

Anonymous said...

The fear of appearing weak, IS weakness.

Anonymous said...

We're coming for your guns, your wives and next, your oxen! Watch out for us dems!

David Odeen said...

Doug, quit being misguided!!

Anonymous said...

I have Brigitte Gabriel up on my site.
She is quite vocal in her stance against Islam. Tormented by them and now free of Islamic terror.
I have seen her speak several times on TV at the Heritage Foundation.
She is an excellent speaker, full of knowledge!
I not sure if you guys heard of her...give her a listen.

MK-Afraid? Fear mongering? it's the truth!
Are you blind or just arrogant?


Anonymous said...

So true Gibbs. Another great post.

hmmm...remember 'The sky is falling' and
'crying wolf'; its going to be too late for alot of people to wake up.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

I'm not being misguided, I am just trying to illustrate that there are in fact those out there that strive for a Godless utopia full of Politically Correct goodness - I have a cousin that is one of them, and she is a firm believer that Islam and Christianity are one and the same and are equally dangerous. Yes, I realize that it will take quite a bit to happen before something like the banning of Christianity will happen, but don't scoff at the fact that it is possible. You'd be surprised at what is lurking in the darkness. And mudkitty, if you call Christianity baloney, or refer to gods rather than a singular God on my site again, I will begin deleting every one of your comments. There are some lines that I don't even appreciate people crossing.

Anonymous said...

You have more patience than I Gibbs with people of differing views, I had to enable comment moderation because of digusting trolls.
If they want to debate, I'm all game.
Respect and honor are mandatory at my blog.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Be careful with the "deleting" of comments, you wouldn't want to be accused of not allowing someone their right to free speech....oh wait....this is your site.....

"Sir" Elton is a bit off his nut I would think. About the only semblance of anything he said that I could agree with or that would be worth contemplating is not anything he even said.

If he had said something like, 'religion is fine until people get involved.' I could appreciate that, but he is very wrong. Christianity does not turn "hate toward gays," it's like "guns don't kill people..." did that make sense?

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

I am very tolerant of those with opposing views, and I have stated in the past that folks like mudkitty may leave their comments without prejudice. However, when it comes to a persons faith, I get funny about it, and so if ever there is grounds for being banned on my site, that is it.

My biggest problem with Elton and the like is since when does making a decision in the sense of lifestyle constitute a group to be no different than a racial group? The African Americans battled long and hard for civil rights in a country that once enslaved them. The Christians came to America for religious freedom because England was forcing their faith upon them. In my eyes, the lifestyle of homosexuality (which in my mind is a CHOICE) hardly is one that deserves to be considered as a movement for RIGHTS. Don't get me wrong. Everyone has rights, and gays have the right to their lifestyle without anyone governing what they do in that sense. But one's right only extends to anothers right, and the idea of marriage is sanctifide by Christianity as a union between a man and a woman, and for those that choose a lifestyle outside of that to attempt to change what is Biblically mandated is wrong. Practice your same-sex relationships, but don't expect the church to recognize such activity when it is in direct opposition to Biblical text.

Anonymous said...

If it's ok to talk about your faith, why won't you allow me the right to respond honestly (I know, it's your site...but that aside, what is the reason?) (I know, you don't need a reason...just like with the banned words that aren't profane...but I don't get it.)

And who is asking for a church to recognize same-sex relationships? That's strictly up to individual or collective churches. I could care less what churches do, as long as they don't abuse anyone, or impact my life. Some churches accept it, some don't.

But civil marriage, one that needs no church sanction, that's another thing all together.

No one, not even Elton is comparing being gay to being black. That's so off the mark, and besides the point. It's a red herring. What is the same is negative and illegal discrimination; discrimination of an entire class of people. Disagree with gays all you want. Hate gays all you want. But you can't deny them their civil rights. That is against the law.

Anonymous said...

One clarification, the "baloney" I refered to was the premise of the title of your piece. Not Christianity itself. Although, you might as well know, that I think all religions to be...well, ALL of them. Not just yours.

I'm not just a American Liberal and proud of it, I'm an American Atheist. Hopefully, as fellow Americans, you will recognize even my right to exist, and maybe even express myself. Maybe, hopefully, even here.

Anonymous said...

I like your sarcasm a.k.a blandly urbane.
It is exactly what they used against me last month, before I got haloscan.
It is one thing to express your views, it is another to show disrespect.

MK-I like your indirect use of President Bush Sr. comment about atheists.
Do you realize that Atheisim IS a religion (?) It is a system of beliefs.

The lower case g is offensive. And you attacked his faith. Why not honor Gibbs request? Why not aplogize instead of explaining your attack(?) And at that you said faith(s).
And once again I ask you; why not get your own blog. You can express yourself your way in your own space.
Do you need help with one?


Anonymous said...

Atheism is not a religion. Atheism is nothing more, and nothing less, than a lack of belief in dieties. That's all it is. I don't believe in any god or gods. I don't have a reason to, nor do I see any evidence that would lead me to. It's the antithisis of religion.

Some atheists are assholes, and some adopt a humanist philosophy. Often times "believers" confuse religion with philosophy. Philosophies are ideas and guides to life. Religion involves worship and the supernatural. Big dif.

The idea that atheism is a religion is a false, and illogical premise.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Atheism is not a religion, and neither is Christianity. Mudkitty, I have a real problem with religion. Religion is man-made, but my faith and belief in Christ is God-made. Religion, as you stated, involves worship and the supernatural. Good point, but Christianity is more than that. It is a relationship with Christ. It is a faith deeper than anything you could ever understand. Do me a favor, if you have no reason or evidence for considering the existance of a God - when the rapture occurs and millions of people vanish from this Earth, consider it as a possibility that it was a supernatural event.

You were upset with name calling by A2 in the past. I am upset at name calling against my faith and my God. Have an opinion, but be careful when you dance along the line of blasphemy.

God Bless you, mudkitty.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so sure I don't understand, DG, I used to be a believer, in much the same way as you describe yourself.