Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Sound of Thunder is spreading

Who's Offended? Who's the Victim? Who's the Aggressor? Who's being discriminated against?

I was reading the comments to an article I posted on My Point (Kerry and Treason), and the leftwing nuts were out in force.

I was reading posts on Yid With Lid's Blog (PC Gone Mad. . . ) and learned about another attack on Christianity - but this one up the freeway from my home.

NewsMax informed me by e-mail about a woman executed in China for distributing Bibles.

A week ago, I read a story at Townhall (Non-marriage marriage) and commented on it stating that extending Civil Unions to Heterosexuals (thus, eliminating traditional marriage) is just more proof that our society is deteriorating, and more evidence supporting that the God is being systematically removed from our society.

The situation described on Yid With Lid's site is about an incident in Riverside, California where Olympic Skater Sasha Cohen was performing. When a high school choir began singing Christmas carols, the police was called in to order them to stop because they feared the skaters in the show would be offended. Sasha Cohen is half Jewish. More interesting is that Sasha was unaware that the occurrence event transpired! And further more, she was shocked by it when she was informed about what had happened. So, this brings up the first question from the title.

Who's Offended?

A Christian is not offended when people say Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas, or by other religions receiving exposure, such as the Jewish Hanukkah. However, Christians are offended when their right to proclaim "Merry Christmas" is taken away, because everyone is so afraid that someone might be offended. Most right thinking non-Christians ARE NOT OFFENDED by Christ. Ask Yid With Lid. Ask Jenn of the Jungle of Unless someone practicing their religious freedom may be accompanied by a bomb-belt (such as in the case of the six flying imams), our right to freedom of religion must be protected. The funny thing is, the ones everyone is trying not to offend, aren't offended in the first place. Who are these anti-Christian kooks really trying to protect?

NewsMax send me an e-mail about Christian Persecution. Granted, it was an advertisement for The Voice Of Martyrs, but the story caught my attention. Apparently, a 34 year-old woman and her mother-in-law went to their local market in Guizhou Province, China. Jiang, the younger of the two women, handed out Bibles and Christian literature. The Chinese police caught wind of this, handcuffed the two women, and brought them to the police station. After interrogation, they were sentenced to 15 days incarceration for "spreading rumor and disturbing social order."

They knew the risks, but had still distributed the Bibles and literature. But jail-time was not enough, so the Public Security Bureau beat these two women to death, later claiming they died of natural causes.

Who's the Victim?

In the debate over the separation between church and state, those attacking the church would have you believe that they are victims, and that Christianity thrives to create a theocracy where the church controls the government. They would have also believe that Christians are no longer persecuted. The family of this Chinese woman would disagree.

In the Muslim countries Christians comprise of 5% of the population. Christianity is punishable by death in most of those countries. In May of this year a Navy Chaplain faced court-martial for praying outside the White House because he was in uniform at the time. Remember, a chaplain is a military clergyman. In April of this year Wisconsin began disallowing state employees to donate part of their paychecks to faith-based charities. Other charities continued to be acceptable. Wal-Mart was criticized last month when they changed their tune and decided it was okay to greet customers with "Merry Christmas". School districts around America now forbid Christian Christmas carols to be sung in music programs (Hanukkah songs and secular songs like Frosty the Snowman are fine). In 2004 NBC 5 in Chicago reported that on the School buses around the local school districts the radios must be turned off this time of year so that Christmas music will not be played on school buses. At a high school in Seattle a couple years ago, Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" was deemed to be too religious to be performed by the school's drama department. The Nativity Scene was booted from a Holiday Fair in Illinois this year. An e-mail to me from informed me of a Christian elder murdered in Iraq. And that doesn't count Elton John proclaiming that Christianity ought to be banned, and all of the other stories circulating regarding the war on Christianity. Who's the victim? Hardly those claiming to be offended by the Cross. This is not being naive, as some would accuse. The war on Christianity is real.

Here are some of the sentences from the comments to my article, Kerry and Treason, on My Point:

I think Kerry is an honest and decent man and he's right about what he says. George Bush has messed things up in the middle east. And yes, Palestinians are innocent people trying to recover their stolen land or are you still living with the lie that Israel are the good guys?

I agree with Proud Democrat. Kerry didn't bash the US but the moronic evil US president. And Israel has already caused so much damage in the middle east. Can't it just live peacefully with its neighbors? Your media tells you Palestine and Iran are the aggressors and the evil ones but it's NOT the truth. Thousands are killed everyday by Israel and it's also the case now in Iraq.

Who's the Aggressor?

I can't even believe that this question has to be asked. Every single Muslim leader agrees: Israel Must Be Annihilated. Does that sound like Israeli aggression? To answer this question, below is the article I posted on my Townhall blog, A Right Angle in a Left Turn World, recently.

The Sound Of Thunder
Sunday, December 10, 2006 1:23 AM

In America, when we hear the sound of thunder, it is most often associated with the weather. This is not necessarily so in Israel.

Israelis live through war upon war.

Members of the Israeli military routinely witness in utter horror the way civilians and children are used as human shields. An Israeli friend of mine once told me about how he watched three terrorists walk out of a house holding at arms length their own children as human shields. He also told me how once in Tul-Karem he saw more than ten terrorists hold up in a mosque and after shooting and killing two soldiers. The terrorists then called the United Nations and the Western Press to show how Israeli soldiers had surrounded the mosque. What the media did not report, he told me, was how the Israeli troops did not enter the mosque out of respect for religion.

On a forum I am a member of an Israeli poster relayed a story of how he, and a group of fellow Israeli soldiers, stopped an ambulance during Operation Defensive Shield. The ambulance belonged to Bethlehem, but for some reason was way outside its normal route designation. Suspicions were heightened when the ambulance made its way through a number of roadblocks. When he and his fellow Israeli troops opened the back of the emergency vehicle, expecting to see a patient, he saw a vehicle full of terrorists holding guns, and they weren't wounded at all. Beneath these men in compartments designed for medical supplies was C-4 and grenades. The foreign press converged on the scene rapidly, jumping all over the "Israeli Army Aggressors" for stopping an ambulance.

Another story relayed to me was regarding a funeral staged for a young adult. As the procession moved along, unknowingly being filmed by the Israelis, the area around the funeral procession blew up into a battle. As the fight began, the corpse got up off the stretcher and began firing an automatic weapon.

The mainstream media claims that these incidents are nothing more than myths, and can't be proven. Some members of the mainstream media (and of the liberal left) actually claim that Israelis make up these things just to make Hezbollah and all of the other terrorists look bad.

Israel exists among enemies. The liberal media twists the truth to see it in a light more approving of the terrorists. Israel is always labeled as the aggressor. They have been ever since the establishment of the State of Israel. They are always willing to give up land for peace. Any peace. Now, with the advent of the Iraq Study Group, Israel is being asked to give up the Golan Heights. Israel will probably do it. They are willing to do just about anything for peace. Peace that never comes, and never will.

Terrorists burn Jewish synagogues with glee. But the left can't see the hypocrisy in their failure to recognize such atrocities. They can't recognize what death like that could possibly be. They don't understand how it could be possible that a mother of a suicide bomber could speak proudly of her dead child, happy that they blew up women and children.

The U.S. advisory group now concludes that Israel must talk to Syria and solve its conflict with the Palestinians to help Bush stabilize Iraq. Syria will not stop supporting Islamic extremists, and the Israeli issue with Palestine has nothing to do with Iraq. Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, said the Iraq Study Group Report will actually "fuel insurgents and others vying to fill Iraq's security vacuum."

Abdel Moneim Said, head of Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic studies in Cairo said that the Iraq Study Group Report would result in "America suffering a loss of its reputation and credibility in the region."

The mainstream media screamed for so long that Al Qaeda had nothing to do with Iraq, but suddenly Iraq has everything to do with Israel's battle with Hezbollah.

This is the same mainstream media that criticized Israel for attacking Hezbollah in response to rocket attacks.

I wonder if the mainstream media would criticize the United States for responding in any way other than burying the dead bodies if rockets were being launched over the border from Mexico into the United States.

Perhaps then, the sound of thunder would mean more than simply a storm to us as well.


In California a new bill has been sponsored by state Senator Carole Migden intended to expand civil unions to heterosexual couples. This will allow marriage rights to be extended to marriages that are not marriages. Even marriage is losing God.

Who's being discriminated against?

In our deteriorating society, God is offensive, and political correctness is the new religion. Who's being discriminated against? Nobody, except those who believe in a Christian God.


Anonymous said...

Good post Doug,

I am offended every time I hear the Happy Holiday greeting rather than the "Merry Christmas"

Happy holidays is ok for folks I guess except when it is for the sole purpose of not offending non-Christians.

I usually respond with "Merry Christmas season to you too" as loud as is acceptable.

I may not be the most "Christian" acting or practicing individual but I know whats right, I also don't have a problem picking a fight.....

Merry Christmas to You and Yours Doug.


Anonymous said...

I am how ever different than Anonymous. I usually say Merry Christmas and prefer to but I don't mind those who don't say to me Happy Holidays.

I have learned in my old age that it doesn't pay to be offended, it's just a sign of weakness when one gets offended at one thing or another.

Oh there are times, I know that I get a bit on the edge where I want to get angry, but I do my best not to. Some can get me more angrier than others, it just is a matter of what is said.

Anonymous said...


I am how ever different than Anonymous. I usually say Merry Christmas and prefer to but I don't mind those who say to me Happy Holidays.

I will be wishing you and your family however a very Merry Christmas because I know that, that is something that you except and appreciate, but I try to remember those who prefer it the other way.

David Odeen said...

Doug ,as the Kinks once said, "its a mixed up world and so Lola".....whatever you get it, right? its very very frustrating!!

Anonymous said...

While I don't agree with Marriage for Homosexuals I don't have a problem with civil unions.

I understand why Homosexuals would like to have civil unions and I think that one should extend that to heterosexual's as well, but it's not about the Marriage in the eyes of GOD issue as it is about the issue with the monetary situation so that if their one partner or cousin passes away that they will be able to collect the money from the insurance on that or so that they will not lose the property.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Doug. I say Merry Christmas to everyone. If someone wants to say Happy Holidays, it doesn’t offend me. We can only be offended if we allow ourselves to be offended and the whole Merry Christmas verbiage is small potatoes compared with, as you put it, "our deteriorating society" as the left struggles to remove God from every aspect of our lives.

And I don't agree with gay marriage or civil unions. I understand why people say that gay couples should have the right to bequeath their property or their insurance to their partner but they can already do that through our courts. They can name their partner in their will - you can name your pet in your will, for goodness sake. They can also name anyone in the world as a beneficiary to their insurance and they can own property, businesses, bank accounts, loans, etc. jointly with sole survivorship.

The only thing they cannot do by law is claim the marriage tax, social security benefits, or any other government benefits and programs. That is what they are fighting for.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I also added your site to my Friends blogroll.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...


christi wrote: I understand why people say that gay couples should have the right to bequeath their property or their insurance to their partner but they can already do that through our courts. They can name their partner in their will - you can name your pet in your will, for goodness sake. They can also name anyone in the world as a beneficiary to their insurance and they can own property, businesses, bank accounts, loans, etc. jointly with sole survivorship.

In our Court system wills can be overturned in a court of law, so I believe that they need something a bit more like Civil Unions, that would not entitle them to Marriage Tax and or social security benefits but would be more binding than a will.

Anonymous said...

Hi Night Rider - if they own everything jointly - property, vehicles, etc. - and add one another as the beneficiary of any or all insurance policies, then there isn't the need for a will. You and I could jointly own a piece of property with a full right of sole survivorship deed and upon either of our deaths, the other would own the property automatically. Full property rights are transferred to the living owner. No family members can contest it in court.

There is no reason for civil unions, unless they are being used as one more step toward legalizing gay marriage. Read the gay activists statement at the end of this article:

Anonymous said...

Hi Christi,

Say I didn't know about that article, thanks for sharing with me, and after I have read your recent comment here, I agree with you, I take a new stance thanks to you explaining it better.

Also do you mind me becoming a new reader on your blog too?

Any one who addresses issues on a common sense basis, I would love to be a part of.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christi,

I went to your blog Commonsense America and that is a very nice blog, and a big one, do you take care of running that blog on your own or do you have contributing authors or editors too?

I also notice that you have a new reader of their too, one called mudkitty. Is she being nice to you over there?

Doug has a nice blog to and I like reading what he posts, and I just was curious if you minded that I drop by yours too if that is ok with you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Night Rider,

I agree. Doug has a great site here. I just found it but I will be a regular.

You can come and see me anytime. I'm the only writer but I welcome anyone that would like to write - it would give my fingers a break. :)

Mudkitty showed up at my site a couple of weeks ago and she is very sweet, even if she is a liberal.

And thank you so much for the link you sent to me. It's great!

Anonymous said...

Rider likes to make sure I stay in line.

Merry Merry All!

Jack Steiner said...

Happy Holidays it is more inclusive.