Monday, December 18, 2006

Holocaust Denial

In another ridiculous move on the propaganda front, Ahmadinejad has now taken his denial of the existence of the Holocaust to new levels. In search of International Legitimacy, he is making himself and the rest of the Muslim nations look like the radical Jihadists that they are.

And here's the interesting thing. As the Iranian President declares that the Holocaust is a myth, and that Israel should be wiped off the map, Baker and company with their Iraq Study Group Report recommends that we should ask Iran and Syria for help in stabilizing Iraq. That's like asking a fox to help collect the eggs in a hen house.

The war on terror is not being lost in Iraq. It is being lost in America. The Sunnis, Shiites, Al-Qaeda, Iran, Syria and the ISG Report is nothing compared to the out of control enemy known as Congress.

The Liberals seem to think that the Muslim nations desire peace with Israel, and democracy to work in Iraq.


The Jihadists desire the destruction of Israel, the use of Iraq as a terrorist training ground, and to discredit the United States and any Western idea that may reach the ears of their populace.

Claiming that the Holocaust is a lie is just another piece of propaganda designed to discredit Israel, and the West.

Apparently, Ahmadinejad hasn't read The Diary of Anne Frank. Or, he has, and believes it is a book of lies.

For those interested, I wrote an article regarding the brawl in the NBA last Saturday at ArmChair GM.


WomanHonorThyself said...

what a walking freak show that man is and dangerous ...very very dangerous..excellent read !

Anonymous said...

I agree with WomanHonorThyself Ahmadinejad is definately a freak alright an evil immoral sick and twisted freak. Also WomanHonorThyself is also correct that this is an excellent read and mighty fine article you posted here Doug.

Anonymous said...

The lefties are usually wrong on just about everything, including Ahmabooboo. We'll all suffer for their make nice attitude.

Anonymous said...

That's funny Kate, Ahmabooboo LOL

Anonymous said...

If Bush would take the money he's asking for his "one last surge" and put it towards intel and support for the disident students in Iran, then it could be money well spent for a change.