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Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Simple Thank You

I visited GM's Corner this morning, and he has a fantastic story about being at the airport and experiencing a scene not much different than a television commercial we've seen before.

The author of this piece explains how while at the airport he heard someone in the distance clap, until the clapping became the sound of applause. Curious, he looked for the source, and he noticed that people were stopping what they were doing, putting their luggage down, laying their packages aside and clapping for returnees from Iraq, still dressed in their desert camouflage and sand-colored boots.

He claims that there must have been over 100 of the returning troops marching by, and as they looked around, the applause grew louder, until everyone in the terminal was applauding the returning soldiers.

The Democrats try very hard to convince everyone that the American public sees these fine soldiers as baby killers and war-mongers. But it is at times like this that the truth makes its way to the surface.

A television commercial by a beer company has a similar scene. When I first saw it, it brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't imagine the tears that I would have been shedding had I been at this airport with G.M. Roper when this scene he describes on his blog took place.

This is what it means to support our troops.

My step-dad was in Vietnam, and one of the things that still bugs him to this day is how he never received that kind of response. It wasn't that he wanted it for ego reasons, he just desired to be appreciated for putting his life on the line for his nation. He was a helicopter door-gunner, and it wasn't until last October that someone aside from family thanked him for his service.

I had attended a Book Fest put on by the Military Writers Society of America, and two writers at that book fest, after I told them about my dad, gave me signed copies of their books to give to him. One of the writers (Jason Robertson), an orphan from Vietnam that fled in 1975 with the assistance of a wonderful American woman who pulled over two-hundred orphans out of the country just before the fall of Saigon, autographed his book, "A Love Beyond Explaining", to my dad, saying: "Glad you made it home. Thank you for your sacrifice." When I gave the book to my dad for his birthday last year, and he read what had been written by the author on the title page, it was one of the few times in my life I ever saw my dad's eyes moisten.

To all of our troops: Thank You for your service, and for your sacrifice. God Bless you.


Anonymous said...

Good post and even better commentary. My father was one of those Vietnam vets like your step-dad. His stories are horrible about the way he was received when he got home. And the lack of care received for his injuries...

It has bothered him for decades. He was exposed to agent orange and his symptoms more severe with age. He was recently awarded 70 percent for some of his service connection illnesses and disabilities.

It was way over due; his service and sacrifice finally recognized to some degree. It wasn't about the benefits he fought years for; just acknowlegement by this government that he served this country with honor and recognized his deteorating health as a result of it.

My dad and I share a common bond because we are both disabled combat vets.

I received all the parades and the heroes welcome after Desert Storm. I knew my father didn't. There was a parade in my city wanting Gulf War vets to attend and partcipate in. In honor of my father I stayed home against his wishes. There was no way I could participate in it...

I wasn't no hero; but in my eyes my dad was and still is...

Semper Fi.

Anonymous said...


David Odeen said...

Test what Kitty? How about a huest shot on Wednesday? Wel lyouc an contact me or Jenn via our blogs.

As for the story...Outstanding indeed. Never doubt the great people in our country. Only the dems want us to hate each other.. As Jenn says..Screw them!