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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bank of America is giving credit cards to illegal aliens

Bank of America is going to give illegals credit cards, even though they don't have Social Security numbers, theorizing that it will help the economy. It is currently slated to be a trial run in California to test the response, but if response is good, the bank will extend this offer to branches in other states.

According to Bank of America's statement release, the new Bank of America card is available to people who lack both a Social Security number and a credit history, as long as they have held a checking account with the bank for three months without an overdraft.

Read more about this at The Dan Stein Report.



Anonymous said...

See Jenn of the Jungle.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Jenn's philosophy on dining out, since that would be supporting criminals.

BofA is not the only industry that aid and abets the people that rightwingers consider criminals. BofA is just a drop in the bucket.

Proletariat said...

Mike Gallagher has a short piece about it.


Wild Phil said...

Hi Doug,

Are you sure it's not the Bank Of Mexico because it sure would not seem to be fitting for the Bank Of America to be dishing out Credit Cards to Illegal Aliens.

Tom said...

They terk are jerbs!

Tom said...

Oh.. and while I appreciate the incredible importance of a story about Mexicans getting bank accounts, and ruining the fabric of our white Christian society with their willingness to mow my lawn and cook Chinese food.. I do wonder when you're outrage at the political process is going to finally catch up to the story of the President of the United States slashing funding for the Veterans Administration Health Care.

Have a read:

I mean, it's not like DG is a simple political hack, only interested in attacking liberals and Mexicans, right? He is, after all, a service connected war veteran who is going to get the shaft by the politicians.

Do you hate the troops or something, DG?

Anonymous said...

No, he doesn't hate the troops anymore than rightwingers claim leftists do.

Anonymous said...

He Gibbs, this is my new blog!
I have comment aprroval enabled, then after awhile, I'll switch to previously approved comments- authours will be able to comment without pre approval. (a really cool feature).

BofA is only interest is to make money.
Of course; any money circulated in the public is good for the economy. Why do think Pres. Bush passed tax cuts?

MK says...'that rightwingers consider criminals'

ahh...what part of 'Illegal' aliens don't you understand?

Anonymous said...

What part of "unjust law" do you not understand? What part of zenophobia, do you not understand? What part of bigot do you not understand?

cary said...

What part of "My daughter needs a SSN to open a savings account, yet illegal immigrants are allowed to open checking accounts WITHOUT an SSN" do you not understand?

Anonymous said...

"Bank of America is going to give illegals credit cards, even though they don't have Social Security numbers, theorizing that it will help the economy."

LMAO! The 'theory' is that it will help Bank Of America in profits. What a blatent scam...

Just another sell out all in the name of 'greed'...

Theres nothing meaningful in their motivation. The motivation is to hopefully sink them into debt and high interest rates they can't afford. All in the name of lining the pocket and padding their own bank accounts.

Then the illegals have to file for bankruptsy and then interest rates go up even more for 'real' legal Americans. We end up paying for it.

Hell this hurts the economy not help it. Helps the bank heirarchy though with their 200 million dollar mansions and the porches.

Anonymous said...

Cary - it's called a rightwing urban myth.


This is just the natural outgrowth of capitalism - you don't think that real ideological capitalists care about borders do you?

Anonymous said...

'Porsche's' that is. LOL...

Although I bet their 'porches' look mighty sweet too in fine marble...

I'll give them this though. At least they are an 'equal' opportunity debt monster when it comes to credit cards.

That's called personal responsibilty.

Key word: 'Responsibility'.

How do you trust an 'illegal in a binding 'legal' contract when they are 'illegal' to begin with? Dumb.

Sort of like 'I've got money as long as I've got checks' mentality.

When the spending limit is reached do you really think an illegal thats undoubtedly close to poverty level in many cases are going to make payments? Get real.

Hell they forge everything else document wise why not proof of income. LMAO...

Tom said...

I still don't get the extreme paranoia. Shouldn't ya'll be more concerned about a conservative supreme court that did away with usury laws and thus enabled the credit card companies to rob unsuspecting Americans?

Anonymous said...

Hey MK, why can't you answer my question?

Always the same with you, point and counterpoint with no real logical reasoning.

So,do you support criminal behaviour?
What constitutes a criminal offence?
If one does not abide by the civil and criminal laws of the US, Shouldn't they be punished?
Why should a company grant speacial previleges to non-citizens who are criminals then?

If all you have is accusations of biggotry and name calling; your answers disclose your fallacious thinking.


Anonymous said...

Again with the rightwing "if you don't like the answer, pretend it's not an answer, then attack the messenger..."

Anonymous said...

Why do you categorise in with your non-answers?


Anonymous said...

Attacking the messenger?
Where in my comments did I attack?
I'm merely questioning your reasoning.
If you have to justify your opinions with name calling, you are implicating yourself.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with my reasoning. BTW - do you eat in restaurants? If so, you are supporting businesses that support the "criminal" who come over here to work.

Why don't you ever answer my questions?

Anonymous said...

Why should I answer any of your retorts? You have inclined your heart to hostilities and clearly cannot be reasoned with.

Eating in restuarants has nothing to do with Illegal immigrants aquiring BoF Bank cards.

You obvioulsy have no idea as to what a criminal is, since you cannot define one.


Proletariat said...

I'm not a member of the Right Wing, but I can say that anyone who doesn't see a problem with Bank of America giving credit cards to illegal immigrants with no SS#,State I.D., et cetera, is quite simply playing politics.

It doesn't hurt my pride to agree with Right Wingers every once in awhile.


Anonymous said...

Eating in restaurants supports an entire "illegal" economy. Fact.

Anonymous said...

Can one prove the supposed factual references to supportion of Illegal aliens by virtue of eating in a restuarant, when one cannot verify such a statement.(?)
BTW- I've worked in restaurants for many years and have not known ONE Illegal alien.

As being a CA resident I am familiar with Illegal aliens who murder, rape and beat, steal, who smuggles drugs and use illegal documents to 'work' here.
Most Illegal Aliens are not working in restaurants, they are working the field, in gardening, as house cleaners, NOT in restuarants.
So such a statement without concrete facts IMO is moot.

Now, isn't the issue here that Gibbs posted; have to do with-
1)A companies willingness to make money off of illegal aliens for profit?
(Where is the outcry in this regards?)
2)Giving Illegal aliens the same right as Legal residents of the U.S. to aquire credit cards without being a Legal resident?

Isn't this the reason for the posting or is entitled:
Illegal Aliens are working in resturants?


Unknown said...

Actually it's more complicated than one thinks at first.

1- Illegal get's a credit card.
2- Illegal runs up debt
3- Illegal can't pay debt
4- Illegal moves back to whence they came
5- Like schools, hospitals, infrastructure et al....who pays when said illegal doesn't.....Joe Taxpayer. That right folks, we do.

When I went to a new bank to open an account the guy asked me why and I told him.....I said, I don;t like doing business with a company that is actively trying to destroy the economy and aid criminals.

Some restaurants may do the same... hence any that were closed during the last criminal invader march does not get my business at this time.

To shun all restaurants because some dude picking the lettuce may have been illegal is illogical. It is hardly the restaurants "fault". The fault lies with the employers. And in the case of BOFA the fault lies with their management.

Unknown said...

In addition, when I opened my new account I was required to not only provide a soc sec, I was required to provide two forms of identification. Now that's how it should be.

cary said...

Kitty -

What is an urban myth? That my daughter needs a SSN to open a savings account (she's less than two months old as of this writing) or the fact that people without SSNs were able to open checking accounts AT THE SAME BANK and, provided they had no overdrafts for three months, are then eligible for unsecured credit cards?

Which part of that is the myth, Kitty?

Or, are you going to , as usual, skip answering a DIRECT QUESTION?

Anonymous said...

Daniel, you lie. You've clearly NEVER worked in a restaurant, nor checked anyone's papers who have worked in restaurant. You just lie. Lie, lie, lie.

Some restaurants. Yeah, right.

Have any of you talked to any of the guys on construction sites lately?

Cary the answer to your question is the myth part is the myth part. Which part of myth do you not understand.

Or have you checked your plumbers papers?

Jenn, is into papers, arm bands, and the works.

Anonymous said...

Depends on the restaurant and construction job - I work construction, but even though the Mexicans that work in my company are all about "Viva La Raza", they are all legal (I know for a fact), but I have to admit that when La Migra arrives on a job site, many from other contractors scatter.

Anonymous said...

Look, I don't know construction, frankly, but I do know the restaurant and hospitality industry, and there's not a single California restaurant or hotel, from high end to low, that doesn't employ undocumented workers - and for the past 30 years no less. The entire industry would fall apart if what you actually advocate were to be enacted, causing complete havoc. (Although it wont ever be enacted because it would cost too much for the federal government, the states, and the municipalities.)

Anonymous said...

How do you know for a fact that the Mexicans who work for you are legal, and if they are, why do you call them Mexicans, and not Americans, or immigrants?

How do you know their documents aren't forgeries?

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Our company makes it our business to ensure all are legal, for one, secondly I know their parents, these kids were all born in the U.S. I call them Mexicans because they have been caught up in the Viva La Raza crap, and claim the Mexican flag. . . I know third and fourth generation Americans of Mexican decent that play the "I would rather be in Mexico game" as they enjoy the opportunities of America. Is it possible that the paperwork on workers claiming to be legal are forgeries? Absolutely. But you know, I grew up around the Mexican culture, and I can usually pick out the illegals. Usually,

Anonymous said...

Thank you, DG, for the clarification. I think you should carry the message of what you just wrote in the above post, far and wide. I mean that in a good way.

But it isn't enough. What about all the other industries that depend on "illegal" workers?

It isn't enough to pick on the least of us. What about speaking truth to power?

Anonymous said...

Bank of America is giving credit cards to illegal aliens with no credit history and no Social Security number. Close your account and join the boycott. Visit the site and learn about banks that are not doing business with illegal aliens. Don’t be the last American with money in that bank.

The boycott website is set up at

The man organizing the boycott is William Gheen and his website is at http://www.alipac.us


Tom said...

You know.. I just had a thought. I suppose everyone would support European banks not allowing Americans to get an account with their banks. Not even the Swiss!