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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I was listening to K-Wave this morning, which is a Christian radio talk-station, and one of the speakers gave an illustration that I thought was pretty good in helping us understand Israel's plight.

We all recognize that Israel is a tiny nation surrounded by the enemy. Liberals tend to think that Israel is the enemy, and folks like Jimmy Carter even go as far to say that Israel is the aggressor in the region.

The Muslim nations surrounding Israel wish for Israel's existance to be eliminated, but one of their main cries to the world is that Israel has too much land, and should give some of it to the Arabs (specifically Palestine).

What if Israel was New Jersey, and the other 47 continental states were the Muslim countries. The states around New Jersey, after bombarding the Garden State with rockets, missiles, suicide bombers, and other terroristic attacks, declares that New Jersey should not exist. Through all of the attacks, miraculously, New Jersey survives. Then, the other states claim that New Jersey has too much land, and should give some of it up.

Sound ridiculous?

Here's the thing. As Islam zeroes in on Israel, and the Jewish people are squeezed into a smaller and smaller piece of land, all it does is make them an easier target.

But Israel has been willing to give up land for peace. They just wish to exist.

Islam believes otherwise.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Excellent piece!...well said truly!. Israel surrounded by hordes of haters..sigh....and Happy V.Day!..hugzz!..lol..:)

Anonymous said...

So now all Arabs and Muslims and middle eastern non-Israeli foreigners are the enemy?

It's that kind of thinking that's got the world, Israel, and us, stuck here.

DG - you're so perilously close to the edge, when all you have to do is substitute the word Jew for Muslim, or Arab, or "enemy..." Don't you get it? It's this kind of thinking that only adds fuel to the fire.

Tom said...

Mudkitty, you have to understand that the fundi right believes they are engaged in the "holy war" against an entire religion.

Here's how it works...

They say, "the Muslims will not be satisfied until Israel is destroyed and every Christian nation is converted to Islam". They can even trot out some quotes from some really whacked out Muslims immams to reinforce the point. That allows them to, in their own minds, justify destroying Islam in self defense.

Nuance has no place in the right wing, and you're either "with us, or against us". Simple slogans for simple minds.

As for the central issue, the history of the world has shown that the stronger gets their way. The "right to exist" has always been the result of wars. Even our own nation exists as a result of war. So, clearly, Israel has a "right to exist" because they won the 6 days war. That doesn't mean that everything Israel does is morally justifiable. Carter might be right. Israel is not automatically "just" simply because they are under threat by their neighbors.

They won their nation through war, so it's rather rediculous to think everyone is just going to play nice afterwards.

Proletariat said...

So now all Arabs and Muslims and middle eastern non-Israeli foreigners are the enemy?

I don't think they're implying that all Muslims are the enemy; however, Iran & Hezbollah are undoubtedly an enemy of Israel. Now, whether or not Israel has violated any UN sanctions of their own, causing them to have such enemies, is debatable.

Another issue that may need to be debated is whether or not the Palestinian people are being oppressed by Israel. I happen to believe that they are, in fact, being oppressed. But, in my opinion, not because Israel is evil, but rather because of the horrendous actions of a few (terrorists).

If Israel were to allow a Palestinian state, who's to say it wouldn't be a breeding ground for terrorists? Also, why should Israel be expected to make themselves more vulnerable?

I believe Israel has the right to exist, but I'm also very aware of the Palestinian people and their argument.

It's a mistake, in my opinion, to believe the entire religion of Islam is the enemy. Wisconsin is home to a Congressman that happens to be a member of Islam.

That's my two-cents.


Anonymous said...

The Muslim World makes it no secret that their goal is the annihilation of Israel. Interesting how, when it comes to the rights of Israel many are quick to squash those rights, but if an Islamic country wishes for special privileges we jump through hoops to accomodate them. In America, if anyone's rights are compromised, the ACLU is quick to react, unless the person is Jewish or Christian. Tom, your response confirms that attitude.

Anonymous said...

And rightwingers make no secret that their goal is the annihilation of Islam.

The ACLU comes to the defense of Christians and Jews every single day of the week. That is just simply false.

Tom said...

Mudkitty is correct. The ACLU has defended, on numerous occasions, groups that I don't care for.. but they are exceptionally consistent. The logic is unfailing.

I don't get why DG just makes up unsubstantiated accusations with no references? I also wonder why he just assumes the left is "anti-Israel". The truth is, the right will ignore any transgression done on the part of Israel because the "victim" is invariably Muslim, and the right doesn't care how you kill Muslims, just that you do. Those of us on the left hold Israel to the same exact standard we would the Palestinians or any other Arab neighbor of Israel. Just because we consider Israel an "ally" doesn't mean we give them a free pass on human rights abuses.