Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Border Patrol Agent Assaulted in Prison

After the television show, "America's Most Wanted," flashes Ignacio Ramos' picture on their program last Saturday, he was attacked by illegal immigrants as they cried out in Spanish, "Kill the Border Patrol agent!"

Mr. Ramos is one of two Border Patrol Agents who shot a fleeing drug runner/illegal alien in the rear, and were convicted for improper handling of the situation.

Why was Ramos in the general population at the prison in the first place?

He was attacked last Saturday night after he fell aleep. The assault included repeated blows and kicks to the back, shoulders, arms and head. To date, he has not received medical attention for the injuries, but has been placed in Isolation in order to protect him from any further assaults.

Did the Warden not see this coming? Why wasn't he separated from the other inmates, especially illegals, from the beginning?

If our prison systems can't protect federal agents, how out of control have they become in other arenas?

And why hasn't President Bush pardoned these Border Patrol agents for doing their job?

By jailing these two men, and now not taking appropriate action to protect them in the prisons (as well as not making sure Ramos receives the medical attention needed) sends out the message to illegals that they have the upper hand. How can we control our borders if we are not willing to take care of the things associated with it?


Anonymous said...

Did the Warden not see this coming

Doug the Warden is political just like any other small part of the Government system.

Always On Watch said...

Mr. Ramos shouldn't even BE in jail!

When it comes to immigration policy, I am consummately disappointed in GWB.

Anonymous said...

Well he should be in jail, he was found guilty. Do not be naieve. Should he have been beaten no. Should he be pardoned..Yes. Bush is to afraid I guess.

Gary said...

Thanks for posting this bro. I wanted to, but it came out yesterday, and today is Wednesday Hero! day.

THis really bothers me.

Anonymous said...


I disagree, I agree with always on watch. You call that so called trial that Mr. Ramos had was a fair and impartial trial, you surely have to be joking. That was nothing more than a kangaroo court.

Anonymous said...

What upsets me is that the Warden allowed this attack to take place in the first place - - Night Rider said "that the Warden is political just like any other small part of the Government system" - - if the Warden is capable of allowing her politics to affect her job, she has no business being the warden. Her job is to protect the inmates, and if one is high profile, then he needs increased protection be it by guards always being present, or not allowing him to be a part of the general population. There is no room for agendas by a warden when it comes to the prisoners and their safety.

Anonymous said...

NR you must get around. I did not know you were in the coutroom to sat that it was a Kangaroo courtroom. The fact of the mater is, you cant go around shooting people.

Nice try!

Anonymous said...


dtodeen one thing that you are right on is that I get around. Another thing you don't seem to know the law very well, a Border Agent has the same kind of authority as a Police Officer when it comes to protecting the Borders.

I beg to differ with you in the stance that you just can't go around shooting people, if you were stopped by the police and you went to try to make a flee / run for it, that officer has every right under the law to draw his pistol and shoot you. It falls under the category of resisting arrest.