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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Border Patrol

In the comments section for the article I wrote, Border Patrol Agent Assaulted in Prison, the question was raised over the validity of the case when it reached the courtroom.

According to Euphoric Reality, the DHS Inspectors Admittedly LIED to Congress about the Border Patrol Case.

Also, notice in my last article that Mrs. Pistachio decided to chime in on the comments with her own opinion, and I find her opinion to be right on the mark.

Recently, Brenner of American Pundit asked me to guest blog this upcoming weekend on his site, and I have a feeling the offer is open-ended in the sense that even after the end of the weekend vacation, I am still welcome to post on his site. By the way, if you haven't noticed, I have quite a presence around the net, so if you aren't one to check the sidebar, here's a quick list of my latest articles out there on the World Wide Web:

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blank said...

Do you suppose if the Senate is unable to use diplomacy to solve the problem of how to debate the Iraq war (while advocating debate and talking can solve the war itself)and unable to pass a non-binding do-nothing but empower the enemy resolution, that...

They might offer up an ammendment to invesigate the Border Patrol Case and ask President Bush to take action to secure the release of these men who only tried to do their job with both hands tied behind their backs?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Question: if the Bush Administration can't secure our borders here in the U.S., how can we expect him to do it in Iraq, much less ask Syria to do it with the Iraq/Syria border?

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Hello? Anybody out there? I know this is a hard question.

Anonymous said...

I think you asked the question incorrectly. The question is "Why is it that we are so intent on securing Iraq's border and not our own?" The answer: I have no idea. The Dems and the Repubs seem to both believe near identically on the border question with Mexico. I believe securing the border is just another arm of the War on Terror, because pretty soon that's where the next attack will be from if we don't do something about it soon.

Anonymous said...

So, then I take it you're in favor of a draft, because we don't have enough forces for your vision of hegemony.