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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Got my feet wet, up to my knees!

Darn near got up to my neck!

Last night the first installment of Political Pistachio Radio on Blog Talk Radio aired. It was rough around the edges, my voice was quieter than it should have been, and it was a rousing success! Who would have thought that so many of you would be listening? Thank you to the callers (from all points of the globe - west coast, east coast, somewhere left of the Great Lakes, and Europe), and the listeners for the fantastic experience. It will only get better - Mrs. Pistachio will only get more comfortable (beware!), and more firsts will occur.

What firsts may that be, you ask?

I believe we may be the first husband and wife team on BlogTalk Radio (perhaps), but the big firsts were listening to Mudkitty and Night Rider banter back and forth for the first time EVER, having on the air a liberal cat, conservative couple, a couple of conservative dudes from Minnesota (Night Rider and the esteemed host of My Point Radio), a self-proclaimed Dr. of nothing (that's right, Dr. Blogstein paid a visit!), and a lovely lady from Brussels (my dear Tisha from Serenity Quest) all on the air together. But the big highlight was Mudkitty and Mrs. Pistachio.

Mrs. Pistachio said to Mudkitty, "You don't believe in God? Where do you think all this came from?"

As Mrs. Pistachio grows used to this radio show, and Mudkitty continues to call in as a side-kicking challenge to conservative thought, the interactions between those two will grow and the result, I believe, will be good radio.

To find out more about Political Pistachio Radio go to the blogtalk radio home page here, or to listen to the latest episode, you can simply use the media player in my sidebar.

I am looking forward to next Saturday, as I am hoping you are too.



Now back to writing!


Tisha! said...

You and Virginia were brilliant and I so enjoyed the show and especially the interaction which added such value! I look forward to your future shows! Much success!!

David Odeen said...

Aye Aye skipper, good show and thanks for the kind words. You are a good man!

Semper Fi

Wild Phil said...

Hi Doug,

Your show really rocks, I enjoyed the conversation with you and Mrs's and everyone, it was a lot of fun. Can't wait until your next show.