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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Politically Correct Pledge of Allegiance/Iran is aiding Iraqi Rebels


And after listening to that interesting piece put together by Roger Hedgecock, how about this:

We now have solid evidence that Iran is aiding Iraqi Rebels. Serial numbers and other markings on bombs show that Iran is linked to explosive devices used by Iraqi militants. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday that the evidence was collected by the military, and for some of the members of the Bush Administration this is their first opportunity to view this evidence.

Bush and his people have been saying all along that the Iranians are tied to terrorist bombings in Iraq. Now that there is evidence supporting this assertion, do the liberals still want to hob-nob and negotiate and talk with the Iranians?

By the way, last week Iran stepped up its warnings to the United States with the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei saying that an American military action against Iran will be met with a military response.

In the meantime, Iran is routinely testing missiles.

Once they have their missiles ready, and nuclear weapons complete, don't think for a moment that Iran won't hesitate to use these weapons against Israel and targets in the West.

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Always On Watch said...

Iranian New Year is March 20, I believe.

Tisha! said...

excellent audio!

so, is it time to invade Iran?

Wild Phil said...

Hi Doug,

That audio is just like how the Political correctness crud has effected this country.

Anonymous said...

Given the fact that all the other Bush/Cheney/Rummy/Powell "evidence" has been wrong up to this very moment, I hardly believe this new crock of ferment. How many times are you going to let the Bush administration fool you by crying "wolf" townspeople?

My God! This from an administration who admitted that 16 words from the STOU were lies! (That has never happened in our history, up till Frat-boy.) Colin Powell admitted that he was given cooked intel which he delivered in a statement to the U.N. in an effort to gain their support for this folly. Powell regrets what he said and the actions he took under the Bush Regency. Where's Powell's medal of freedom?

I beg you people to wake up before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Lies? Or mistaken intel? MK, I believe to this day that Hussein was linked to the attacks in a huge way on 9/11, some evidence to that fact has surfaced. Please don't ask me to site the sources right now, I don't have the time. But think about it. The dude used WMD's on the Kurds, and mustard gas against U.S. troops. There is evidence of Saddam using chemical weapons against Iran in his war with that country. A dictator doesn't have WMD's, and then just decide not to anymore. Ever played basketball? When a person makes eye contact with the person he's passing the ball to it is called "telegraphing the pass" and the defender, most often, will intercept the ball. One mistake we made with Iraq is that we telegraphed our intentions, and Saddam, with the help of Syria, I believe, got the weapons out of his country, or well hidden. Just because you don't find something doesn't mean it didn't exist, and just because somebody is a good liar and manipulator it doesn't mean he had nothing to do with 9/11. Powell admitted things did not go as planned, he did not say that it was all F'd up like you imply. Regardless, whether you agree with us going into Iraq or not, that is no longer the point. The point now is, we are there, and abandoning the region will bring it into a civil war and invasion from the surrounding countries and turn Iraq into a terrorist breeding ground in ways we could never imagine. We cut and run, and we seal our doom. They want to dominate the world. They want to kill you. One of the few things that is holding Islam back is the fact that we are in their face. I beg of you that you wake up before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

OK - let's go with your premise of "mistaken intel" rather than with the evidence of the Pentagon's own Inspector General's report that the "OVP acted in bad faith" with regards to pre-war intel. Don't take my word for it. The report is part of the public record. Read it for yourself.

But let's go with your thesis that the Bushies were loud, confident and wrong; rather than liars.

They were "mistaken." About matters of life and death, war and peace. When it comes to matters of life and death, war and peace, you only get one shot. I'm not about to give screw ups another shot at screwing up. And I'm not about to believe people whom I don't believe were mistaken, but whom I believe lied. And, neither will most of the electorate.

I know a lot of you have an emotional investment in this presidency. Cut your losses.

"Thing did not go as planned." Ya think?!

Tom said...

some evidence to that fact has surfaced. Please don't ask me to site the sources right now, I don't have the time.

Oh man.. you didn't actually just say that? Even the 9/11 Commission demonstrated no link between Hussein and the attacks... yet you throw out a "trust me" argument?

If there is an Iran invasion, will you enlist?

Go read;

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the lack of citations - saw it on television, and read it in a magazine at a VA appointment, and was writing the post quickly as I was running out the door. Tell you what, instead of trusting me, how about you do a little research too. Oh, and yes, Tom, I am a veteran, partially disabled, service connected. So, the question isn't if I should enlist if we attack Iran. I served, and I served proudly. I am unable to re-enlist, but would if I could. Now, Tom, I doubt we will militarily tangle with Iran unless pressed against the wall, but I am not prophetic, so who knows. However, how about you enlist. You talk tough, but you don't seem to know what should be done. Or do you have a strategy? And please don't say it is to abandon the area and allow Iran and Syria to overrun Iraq and kill anyone that supported the U.S. presence.

Tom said...

I definately respect your service. The last 3 conservatives that I choose to read were not.. and incidently suddenly stopped blogging.. Right Wing Guy (where I found your blog from a comment) was the latest. I'm really curious what happened to him.

As far as my enlisting goes. I thought about it, if the conditions were right. If I supported the cause, and if the military had a need for 40 year old engineers. As it stands, I will not enlist.. however.. I engineer software and databases for the VHA (what a coincidence eh?). If you've ever had a surgery, or outpatient procedure at a VA hospital, the clinicians would have used my work in the process. I find it rewarding that my work is used to treat our service men and women.

Now - something that directly impacts the both of us. Your president cutting the VA budget AGAIN.


WASHINGTON -- Iraq War veteran Christopher Carbone said he wouldn't mind a decrease in his medical benefits if it meant that additional federal dollars would be used for armored Humvees on the battlefield.

But Carbone, a survivor of an improvised explosive device attack in Iraq in October 2005, couldn't help being a little jarred when he learned the Bush administration planned to cut funding for veterans' health care by 2 percent in 2009 in order to balance the federal budget by 2012.

Did you go to war at the behest of George Bush? Did you think he would cut off your support after you've given bodily function because he asked?

How vile is a man the sends other men off to battle and then short changes the medical care they need? Is there any worse way to treat our military?

Already projects we've designed to improve care and increase VA revenue have been shut down due to budgets and it's only going to get worse. You have no idea how much that angers me. The man lies you into a war and then won't take care of you? That's vile.

Now - your question, which is perfectly valid. What to do about Iraq? Declare victory and begin a 1 year phased withdrawl. Iraq will not suddenly become a pro-western civil society if only we keep doing the same thing over and over. Besides, what's the point of going to war against Iraq in the first place? Was it to do "nation building"? Remember what Bush said about that? NO WAY!

If you accept that the point of the war was to defend against WMD's, remove the "threat", and change the regime, well, guess what. We won! YaY we won.. war's over!

It is morally indefensable to ask Americans to give their lives to rebuild Iraq. Instead, get the hell out of Baghdad, and redeploy to realtively calmer southern Iraq and Kurdistan, with the final goal of being completely gone by the end of the year.

If the military stays, nothing will change. There is no other option but to declare victory and leave.

Now.. how about a front page post with your observations on the VHA, and the Republican plan to reduce funding for our soldiers?

Tom said...

Oh and.. did you hear today that General Pace contradicted the white house.. basically saying the exact opposite of what the WH is trying to spin in regard to Iran sending weapons to Iraq?


I wonder... will you update your story with Pace's comments?

Tom said...

"I think people want to make an inference. I think people want to hype this up."

General Caldwell, the chief spokesman in Iraq, on CNN...