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Friday, February 09, 2007

Cell Phones and ipods

In New York City there is a bill on the floor to make it unlawful to be on the phone, or have a headset plug into your ears while crossing the street.

Three pedestrians have died recently due to these kinds of irresponsible actions. In one case, people were yelling and screaming for the person to stop (they were listening to their music full blast) and the person kept walking right out into traffic unaware of their surroundings.

That's the key. They were unaware of their surroundings.

I think that it is a good thing to be responsible. I believe people should use common sense and common courtesy. I do not believe the government, in some cases, should force common sense upon us in the form of law.

Wearing seatbelts is a good thing. I wore one before it became law after a near-fatal car accident I had when I was merely 19 years old. Wearing helmets on motorcycles is a good thing, I have no problem with people taking initiative to take proper precautions. Telling the person on the other line to hold on for a second before you look both ways to cross the street is a good thing. Pausing the music, popping out one of those speakers in your ear, and observing whether or not it is safe to proceed is a good thing. All of these things require the use of our God-given common sense.

Unfortunately, common sense is not real common.

But the government has no business requiring people not to be stupid.

Opponents of what I am saying will bring the drug issue and carrying a firearm in the streets into this equation.

Sometimes, when a much larger crowd is in danger as a result of stupidity, the government must step in to protect its citizens.

But with all respect to those that passed away on the streets of New York City for being less than intelligent about their daily pedestrial journeys, I have a right to be stupid if I desire. What's next? Will the government take away my right to sit at the computer too dang long because it's not good on my eyes and posture?


Anonymous said...

NY City has weird ass mayor

Anonymous said...

You missed the most important aspect: irresponsible and narcissistic people removing themselves from the gene pool is a good thing. It, over time, strengthens the survivability and character of the human race.

Darwinism at its best.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the multiple comments, another thought just occured to me:

That's exactly WHY New York is attempting to alleviate it. They are probably as convinced as I am, that these irresponsible and narcissistic people are also removing themselves from the roles of Democrat voters; thus reducing the ranks of liberals (the Republican but yet very liberal Mayor notwithstanding).

Not acceptable in New York.

cary said...

Survival of the fittest at it's best,

If all the rules enacted to protect the obliviots from themselves were repealed, traffic would be a lot lighter throughout the US.

I say, if the obliviots can't figure out the safe use of a piece of equipment, then perhaps they should be removed from the gene pool. More oxygen for the rest of us!

Obob said...

Darwin has a point

Anonymous said...

Please enlighten us as to who is the author of the bill?

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

New York State Senator Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn). Link to one of the sites with the story: http://www.wnbc.com/news/10948106/detail.html

Anonymous said...

Thumbs down.