Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fires and Floods and War, Oh My!

Over 200 homes have been lost to the fire in Lake Tahoe. Hundreds have been displaced by the flooding in Texas. The underlying message in the articles I read regarding these tragic situations is that Global Warming is the cause.

I think that it is pretty narcissistic of humanity to believe that little ol' us is capable of affecting the environment in this way - especially when considering that the amount of greenhouse gases we put into the atmosphere equates out to about the same as the space a smashed fly takes up on your windshield.

Haven't we gone over this before? Science has determined that the cause of this warming trend is sunspot activity (holy cow! You mean it's the sun warming the planet? How amazing!). In fact, we should be celebrating. The warming trend will enable us to grow crops further north. We should be taking advantage of this wonderful turn in ecological events, rather than crying over something we can't do anything about. Cooling trends and warming trends of our planet Earth are totally natural, and was survived by mankind many times before.

And why is it that while the world political situation is going to Hell in a hand basket we are spending our time on the news talking about Global Warming and Paris Hilton? Seems idiotic to me. The War against the Jihadists, and the advances we've been making against the tyranny of terror ought to be the primary focus.

Here's something that amazes me. Liberals are proclaiming that 75% of the country is against our presence in Iraq, and most of those people wish us to bring the troops home. If that's the case, then how come the majority of the people I speak to (From Southern California to the Oregon Coast) at coffee houses, gas stations, and so forth, believe that it would be a mistake to cut and run from Iraq? And further more, if most folks desire us out of Iraq and believe in the Democratic Party's goal to bring the troops home, then why is the approval rating for Congress (now under Democratic control) only at 14%?

In fact, the only people that have disagreed with me about our need to keep the troops in Iraq was the Liberal Hippie at her "Spiritual Love" store in Bandon, Oregon, and a dude in a tie-dyed shirt on the beach in Brookings, Oregon. Even the people at the gas station just east of San Francisco agreed with me.

Hmmm, perhaps to find those 14% approval ratings people I needed to actually go into San Francisco.

Like that was going to happen!

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