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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Liberal Hippies, Rotten Friends, and the Global Climate Crisis

Sometimes when we go to the Oregon Coast at our little house in Brookings, we kick ourselves because we wind up doing what we do at home. So, yesterday, Mrs. Pistachio, myself, and my daughter took a road trip up the coast. On the way we stopped at a Dinosaur Park, a Safari, and wound up in a town called Bandon. Bandon is a small town (about a third of the population of Brookings) along the coast that has an "old town" area chock full of interesting shops. For some reason a shop with unique items attracted my wife and daughter, so we stepped in.

It didn't take me long to realize that it was a liberal-hippy shop.

The gal behind the counter and the gentleman beside her looked like transplants from Woodstock, though the exterior was a little more creased than it had been in past years, I am sure. And being the wonderful person I am, I brought up politics and Christianity. A fascinating conversation ensued (my wife urged me to give them Political Pistachio business cards I have) and I found that the liberal-hippies in Oregon are very different from those in California.

We did not agree on abortion - though she admitted that abortion is a bad thing. She just argued that despite the fact abortion is not good, a woman should still have the right to make the decision. Fair response.

Then she tells me that she disagrees with gun control, and is a gun owner herself. I told her that I believe in gun control in the sense that if it takes both hands to control your weapon, the shooter ought to apply such control.

After I returned to the house I got to talking to a friend about it and he grinned, nodded, and promptly changed the subject.

Then he says, "Don't talk about that stuff. In fact, sometimes I am just rotten. That's why they call me Rotten Rick! Or Reverend. It depends on how many beers I had.

I laughed as I guzzled down an Ice Cold Dr. Pepper.

Then I turned on the television to catch The Terminator on Bravo. A commercial that came up really caught my attention. "Live Earth" 9 countries, 100 bands - coming together to battle the Global Climate Crisis.

My research has determined that the Global Climate Crisis, better known as Global Warming is being perpetuated by the same folks that brought you the Global Cooling Crisis in the early 70's. These people have the unbelievable audacity to actually believe that our less than 1% contribution of greenhouse gases actually has played a part in the warming of Earth. And even funnier is that fact that they ignore the evidence that the warming is caused by the sun, not carbon footprints. In fact carbon dioxide is not causing the warming of the planet, the warming of the planet is causing an increase of carbon dioxide.

We'll talk more about that later.

I gotta go for now. Going hunting.

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