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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Garbage In, Garbage Out

GIGO is an old computer term. It means "Garbage In, Garbage Out." Essentially, what it means is that unlike humans, computers will unquestioningly process the most nonsensical of input data and produce nonsensical output. In today's hi-tech society the term is not as common since programs have become more sophisticated and now usually have "checks" built in to reject improper input. GIGO is often used in response to computer users who complain that a program did not "do the right thing," not realizing that they had simply given inaccurate input. Garbage In, Garbage Out is also commonly used to describe failures in human decision making due to faulty, incomplete, or imprecise data.

One of my favorite writers, C.S. Lewis, once wrote that ". . . wickedness, when you examine it, turns out to be the pursuit of some good in the wrong way."

An example of such is the Liberal way of thinking. Liberals truly believe that America is a dark and dreadful place filled with all sorts of evils. They believe that the country is full of bigots and people who practice "hate" whenever they can. The government, as far as liberals are concerned, is populated by war-mongers and people who believe in the might of what is in their wallet more than how they can help divert the Global Warming tragedy from killing us all - after all, as everyone with half an enlightened brain knows, it's all humanity's fault in the first place!

So, to battle this evil (since the liberals, as far as they are concerned, are on the side of all that is good), the Liberals stand up for women's rights, gay rights, civil rights, Muslim rights, and Al Gore. Anyone not agreeing with them must be against a woman receiving a fair wage and equal treatment, is a gay-basher, a racist, a war-monger, and does not care that the world will be flooded by melting ice caps and the blood of dying polar bears sometime soon because of humans driving SUV's, using electricity, having babies, and breathing.

The liberals, in their own eyes, are the educated beacons of enlightened thought, and it is their duty to courageously stand up to the forces of Conservative evil and those radical Christians who wish to jam a Christian Theocracy down every one's throats.

They are in pursuit of "good," but not in the right way, and they are making their stands based on faulty data.

These liberal-elitists inhabit the Democratic Party, the majority of America's Universities, most television newsrooms, newspaper publication offices, publishing houses, and women's magazines, not even counting all of the other liberal crooks and crannies they squeeze their self-righteous butts into. Anybody that does not conform to their "better than those right-wing nutcakes" attitude, like Fox News and conservative bloggers like myself have less character than they do, and are determined to turn the clock back a hundred and fifty years when women had no rights, blacks were slaves, God was forced down everyone's throats (or at least that's what they think - they even think that Christians wish to bring back the Crusades!), and Mexico was getting their butt kicked by American Forces.

And the Liberal Left is good at spouting propaganda.

They spew out their garbage constantly.

Newspaper headlines like "U.S. Troop Death Toll Surging", or something like it, appear daily in our liberally-fueled newspapers - with no mention of the advancements provinces not under the hold of sectarian violence are making. Explosions on the streets of Baghdad are reported, but the measles shots given to thousands of children, and other humanitarian efforts by our heroic forces in Iraq are never addressed. The number of deaths in Iraq are splashed across the pages of our newspapers and on the screens of our television sets daily, but an article about the monumental dates of June 4 (Battle of Midway) and June 6 (D-Day, Normandy Invasion) during World War II did not appear in my local paper until June 7th, in a small article, tucked between "We Need Road Relief in the Southland" and "Denying the Theory of Evolution Provides Fallacy and Fear." The article about remembering those two significant dates was three paragraphs long.

In California, legislators are more interested in requiring the spaying or neutering of most dogs and cats, distributing condoms to inmates in state prisons, giving mothers up to 30 days to anonymously drop off an unwanted baby at hospitals or fire stations, requiring background checks on anyone wishing to purchase handgun ammunition, and adopting a health care program that enables all California citizens to be covered by a government run program paid by tax dollars (hmmmm, sounds like socialized medicine to me).

The news agencies are most interested in spreading "Hate Bush" propaganda, and linking anybody that approves of our troops being abroad as "Bush-bots" and "War-mongers," convincing everyone that humanity is at fault for Global Warming and if we don't change our ways we are all doomed (even though science has proven that the Earth goes through warming and cooling cycles and did long before the first SUV hit the road - and guess what? The sun causes the warming! What a concept!), and moving us closer to straight-out Marxist-style socialism.

Muslims are catered to as their counterparts plan the next attack on America while Christians are persecuted and hated for their faith.

And Americans are under attack by an invasion force from the south determined to defeat us by the sheer power of numbers. In my own experience, I actually got in trouble on the job because a Mexican-born co-worker told me that if I messed with him he would report me as racially harassing him (he said, "Who do you think they'll believe, White Boy? You? Or the poor Mexican?") When I reported him being verbally abusive to me, his supervisor, a week later, he pulled out the race-card, proclaimed that he said nothing and that I had slung racial remarks at him, and I haven't been able to shake that racist label ever since. Added note, my wife was born in Mexico, and recently became a naturalized citizen. I'm the last person that would spew racial bigotry against Mexicans, as well as any other people.

Garbage In.

Society is constantly bombarding us with garbage. Politically Correct Garbage. To disagree with them makes you a heretic and a bigot.

And we are bombarded with this garbage daily, as is our children in the school system, and on cable channels (especially on those propaganda machines that mask as music channels).

I once made the statement that if you told someone that the sky is red long enough, eventually, they would begin to believe you. The Left has been proclaiming that the sky is red for a long time, and now, all of that input of garbage is coming back out through the mouths of our politicians, professors, newscasters, and neighbors. The lies have become the truth. Wrong has become right. The little things have added up to the acceptance of the articles of the liberal conspiracy. Now the liberals control just about every facet of our media culture, except talk radio, and they are doing what they can to silence conservatives in the media with bills like "The Fairness Doctrine."

Garbage Out.

Liberals love weakness. It fuels their anger. It gives them a reason to fight the big bad conservatives who are against the little blue collar guy. And a large part of the population actually believes that crap.

And now folks are concerned that our moral values are going into the tank, so they have created their own set of values to combat it. They have decided to cram their own morality down our throat, because in their eyes, we are too stupid to make the right decision.

Such an example is this: Have you heard of the movie, 28 Weeks Later? The movie is violent, disgusting, and scary as hell, so it's rated "R". Rated "R" movies can not be viewed by persons under the age of 17 without being accompanied by an adult. My daughter is sixteen. She will be 17 in five months. I decided that the movie was okay for her and her friend (approved by the other child's parents as well) to see, but my wife and I did not wish to see the same movie, again. So, we bought the kids their tickets, bought our own to see "Pirates", and walked the kids to their theater. A Movie Experience Employee (this happened at The Movie Experience Theater in Murrieta, California) stood at the door and asked if the kids were over 17, and if they were, they needed to show ID. When I indicated that they were under 17, she stated that I was required to watch the movie with them, or else they could not be admitted. After a talk with the Manager, at which time I even offered signing a paper and allowing a photo-copy of my ID indicating I approved of the kids seeing the movie, I decided to depart from the theater, and to never return. I told the manager that I found it offensive that the theater felt that they were a better judge than myself on what I should allow my children to see. Don't get me wrong, I am glad the kids can't just go into a rated "R" movie without my approval, but for me to be there, telling them I approve of it, even offering to sign a document and give them a copy of my identification, and them telling me, essentially, "too bad", was a perfect example of the liberal elitists forcing their version of morality upon me. I believe I am a better parent than they are - and how dare they tell me otherwise!

Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Society has been fed garbage for so long by the liberal-progressive left that they have become bastions of the Leftist philosophy. They have decided that the conservative right must be silenced, Christians must be controlled, and that the Lefties are the experts on morality, and how to run our society. Self-reliance is bad, as far as they are concerned, and the masses are beginning to believe them.

Hillary said it herself! She wishes to move away from this "Do it on your own" society! It's time to work on changing the programming forced upon us by the liberal left back to Responsible Decision Making, and sensibility.

By the way, I am going to write a letter of displeasure to the theater, and the headquarters. Join me in flooding them with your displeasure over them deciding that they know better than myself in what my children can view.

The Movie Experience at Cal Oaks
41090 California Oaks Road
Murrieta, CA 92562

e-mail of the manager: sherry.gartley@themovieexperience.com

e-mail of Headquarters of The Movie Experience:



Added note: The episode of Political Pistachio Radio with Rob Ballister, author of "God Does Have a Sense of Humor" was fantastic. He will be in San Diego later today for a book signing at Cancer Survivorship: San Diego! Pay him a visit, buy his book.

God Bless.

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