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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yet another liberal manipulation disguised as good (breasts and burgers)

Liberalism endeavors to pursue what they believe is good. When they stand up on stage and proclaim the world they wish us to attain they say exactly what everyone desires. They wish for an end of misery and poverty, and promote the access of money and power and safety and equality for all. Who can argue with that? These are good things, on the surface. But because of basic human nature, none of them will ever be available for all.

So what is truly wrong with what the Liberal Democrats offer?

Don't we all wish for an end to war? Don't we all wish that nobody had to live in poverty? Don't we all really wish for everyone to receive an equal opportunity in this nation regardless of race, color, religion, sexual perversion, or brain mass?

This is how the liberals work. They go as far as they can go with wonderfully good intentions, and they tell you that all of these things can be accomplished, if only you allow the government to take complete control of your lives and make it the government's business on how we manage our lives so that we don't foolishly allow ourselves (since we, as individuals, can't be trusted to make any decent decisions) to become poverty stricken, war-mongering, selfish bigots. Now, this is where liberalism becomes truly wicked.

Liberalism (like socialism, communism, and a whole host of other "isms") started out with the intent to pursue good, but they have taken a wrong path, and they know it. There path is the pursuit of good in the wrong way.

And it all begins as a simple attempt to do some good. Margery Eagan of the Boston Herald has decided to zero in on Jeri Thompson (Fred Thompson's Wife) and her breasts. She comes off trying to sound like she is on the side of good. In her article she states, "What, exactly, is the message they’re sending? Why can’t they grow up and stop dressing like their granddaughters at the junior prom? We know women of substance - 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan and Democratic strategist Jane Fleming, to name just a couple - routinely spill over on network TV. The cleavage-industrial complex, obviously, has arrived." On Scarborough Country on CNN she made the statement, "No wives of Democrats are showing this kind of cleavage."

I agree, sexual innuendo or provocative dress has no business in politics or in view of the kids, but is this really what it is? Is Jeri really dressing in a provocative way?

Margery Eagan also states, "Does the heaving bosom play well among Bible Belt Republicans?" On Scarborough Country the journalist stated, "Is this the family values of the Republican Party?"

Margery Eagan doesn't really care if values are being upheld. This is a stab at conservatism. A chance for her to essentially say, "See? These conservatives aren't quite as conservative as you believe!" Liberals can't compete in a debate of ethics or substance, so they resort to this.

And while they are questioning how conservative conservatives truly are, the Left also uses what is disguised as good as a manipulation by government that I label as "control over the individual."

In California the State Assembly has voted to ban trans fats. Restaurants will no longer be able to prepare foods in oils, margarine and shortening that contain trans fats - or at least they have to do this by 2010. Sounds like a good idea, right? Hey, healthier food benefits all of us! Right?

But shouldn't we be allowed to make our own food choices? Shouldn't I have the choice to eat that greasy, sloppy, trans fat filled burger and fries every once in a while if I desire? Should government have so much control over my life that they can actually decide what I eat?

What's next? Are they going to ban sugar? Ice Cream? Soda pops?

The Liberal Left disguises their political moves as good, with good motives. In the end, it is all about control. Control over you and me. They truly believe we are too stupid to make our own choices, and mama government must do it all for us. Little things add up, my friends. Today cleavage and trans fats. Tomorrow it will be where you live, what you believe, and what you think.

Orwellian society is on the horizon, thanks to liberal insanity.

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