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Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Ragged Old Flag Flies Again

Tonight I called into Independently Correct Radio about two-thirds of the way into the show, and wound up speaking with Paul Couturier, the host, for about an hour. One of the subjects that we spoke quite a bit on was the immigration issue. He mentioned that he had been on Jenn of the Jungle's show earlier that day, and the subject seemed to be a hot issue there as well. In fact, the illegal alien issue is a hot issue everywhere, on both sides of the fence. But the arguments are so varied that the truth of the whole matter seems to be lost in the smoke.

MDConservative from Conservative Intelligence Report Blog said it best recently to me on the Yahoo Messenger when he said, "If you want to know how important it is to control immigration, just ask the indians."

Don't get me wrong. I suppport immigration. I support the melting pot of America. But I don't care if you are from Scotland or Denmark, you better come here legally, using the proper protocol established by this nation. This is not a race issue. And immigration laws don't need to be reformed. We need to enforce the laws on the books, and we need to treat it as a National Security Issue.

Fact is, along with the numerous Mexicans and such that are crossing the border, there are also a large number of Islamic people crossing as well.

"But wait, Doug, are you saying all Muslims are bad?"

But remember, even though all Muslims are not necessarily terrorists, all of the terrorists of late have been Muslim. And guess what? They are crossing the border, just waiting for the next opportunity to strike against our fine nation.

So we are really fighting two wars. A war against terror of which we have left our back door open so that they may have the opportunity to attack us, and a war against the illegal invasion from across the border by folks that could care less about America, and is determined to help bring down this great nation.

I close with this video posted by some friends of mine from Wide Awakes. (note, you might want to pause my radio show that is playing by hitting the pause button on the media player in the side bar before watching this).

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