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Golden Opportunity

Sensible moral values seem to be yet another addition to the list of endangered species. Freedom of religion, a liberty that our founding fathers were willing to abandon their homes, travel across a vast ocean, and endure hardships in a new land for, was the main reason for the founding of this nation - because they wished to worship as they desired - because interaction with the Creator is something they felt should be left up to individuals, not government.

The United States Constitution was written in a way as to take great pains in assuring such freedoms. The U.S. Constitution forbids religious tests as a qualification for any office of the United States, prohibits Congress from making any law "respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. They cannot prohibit the free exercise thereof, huh?

If government cannot prohibit the free exercise of religion then why is it no longer permissible to wish anyone Merry Christmas? Why did a school in Maryland question Thanksgiving since, after all, to give thanks means that it must be to God, and we just can't have that in our public schools. Why is it in my own daughter's school not permissible to where any shirt or sweatshirt with any Christian symbol or words on it? Yet, playboy bunny symbols, and symbols of other religious affiliations are okay. If you wear a cross on your necklace you are required to tuck it under your shirt, but any other necklace may remain visible. Shouldn't these students be allowed to enjoy the free exercise of their faith as the U.S. Constitution guarantees?

Last Saturday on my radio show the liberal guest indicates that the social issues we discussed are "non-issues." Why are they non-issues? Because morality doesn't matter anymore?

And as I recently heard on a liberal Blog Talk Radio show called "Fed Up American," Christians are crazy and are forcing religion down secularist's throats. Isn't it the opposite? Isn't secularism shoving its position down our throats?

Judeo-Christian Values promotes sensible family values. These values emphasize that people ought not have sex until married (which, if followed, would all but eradicate sexually transmitted diseases), speaks out against homosexuality (which not only undermines the family unit, but is medically dangerous to such individuals), promotes protecting our children (before and after birth), encourages people to abide by the law (which includes immigrants, and gays who parade in public nude while also being willing to committing sex acts in public like what was observed at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco), discourages divorce (statistically kids are better off with both mother and father in the home), and so on and so on -- -- so why are such values such a bad thing?

Well, the liberal secularist may argue, because Christianity's goal is to spread their religion - or in their words "shove it down our throats."

Shall we examine who is doing the shoving down who's throats?

9th Circuit Court of Appeals again heard a challenge by Michael Newdow to the Pledge of Allegiance and its phrase "under God."

Christmas was originally supposed to be cancelled in Oak Lawn, Illinois, but wasn't under the condition that Ramadan also be celebrated by the school.

Maryland Schools Promote Homosexuality to school children, essentially promoting Anal Sex between males, while disregarding Christian teachings of abstinence until marriage.

For as many seculars that deny the existence of a war on CHRISTmas, there are many that also admit that they wish CHRISTmas and any mention of Christ to be eliminated. And the war has progressed much farther in other countries, like Canada, which are only a preview of what is coming on the horizon here in America.

A couple months ago Nancy Pelosi's new practice of removing references to God from official certificates was brought to light.

The ACLU sued on behalf of individual named taxpayers arguing the Boy Scouts could not hold events on public property because the organization's membership is limited to those who believe in God.

Elton John last year uttered that Religion should be banned.

Yid with Lid's site covers how in Seattle the airport responded to Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky’s request (and threatened lawsuit) to add an 8-foot menorah to holiday decorations, officials at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport instead decided to remove all nine Christmas trees. Then when the Rabbi decided against suing the trees returned; and a second incident that occurred in Riverside California, where Olympic Skater Sasha Cohen was performing. A high school choir had been ordered (by police yet) to stop singing Christmas carols at a holiday show because the arena feared that they would be insulting the skaters (she is half-Jewish). The skater was unaware of the incident, and was shocked when she was informed.

A chaplain faced court-martial for praying in uniform outside the White House and invoking the name of Jesus Christ (uh, I thought Chaplains were supposed to pray - aren't they, uh, er, ministers?)

In Wisconsin state employees were disallowed giving to religious charities. This practice was changed only after Christian Legal Society sued.

In a Wisconsin school district Christian Christmas carols were forbidden to be sung in music programs, however songs from other religions were okay. A New Jersey district did the same.

In Illinois Christmas Music was banned from school buses.

In Washington a high school principal decided that Charles Dicken's classic "A Christmas Carol" was too religious for school, and canceled the performance.

The Nativity Scene was booted from an Illinois Holiday Fair (public Christmas festival). Nativity scene rejected at Washington capitol as well.

In Albany, New York a school had a fundraiser that included inscribing personal messages on bricks, but then removed any bricks that were inscribed with Christian messages by students (later a federal judge allowed the bricks to be returned).

In Bakersfield California a man was so upset that a school district decided to revert back to calling the winter and spring breaks to Christmas and Easter vacation that he set himself, an American Flag, and a Christmas tree on fire.

Radio Disney removed God from Ten Commandments Movie Ad.

Muslim stamps have been allowed to be published by the U.S. Postal Service, but a stamp honoring the Ten Commandments has not been.

Muslim Prayer is being allowed in our public schools, but Christian Prayer is not. A student in a graduation speech can't thank Jesus Christ, or encourage the audience to give Jesus a chance.

But Kathy Griffin could say, with no problem, at the Emmy Awards offensive remarks about Jesus and that is just fine. Oh, and let's not forget about the militant Gay activists crashing church services in an attempt to dismay and anger.

Bills have even been attempted to make Christians saying they support biblical text in that homosexuality is immoral and a sin as being hate speech, and punishable by the law - misusing hate crime laws, and being an obvious attempt to quell freedom of speech and religion (by the way, such bills are now law in Canada and Europe). In fact, it is already happening - a teen was accused of a hate crime for distributing Christian fliers that called the gay lifestyle a sin.

Elsewhere in the world the assault on Christianity is even more advanced, such as in China where you can be executed for distributing Bibles. In China being a Christian pastor is considered to be an illegal business practice.

In Norway preaching in public got a minister fined.

In Muslim countries a Christian cannot drink from a public water tank, or else he will be beaten for polluting the public drinking cup. Evangelists are beaten for handing out Christian tracts. In Nigeria Christians were slaughtered over alleged Muhammad cartoon in a rampage occurring a couple months ago. In the Gaza Strip a Baptist was publicly tortured for "spreading Christianity".

All this, without even mentioning the jailing of a teacher in Sudan that allowed her students to name a Teddy Bear Muhammad.

Ever seen a Christian Jihadist? Neither have I. And when someone does do something vile in the name of Christ, Christians don't dance in the streets as Muslims did on 9/11. Such actions in the name of Christ are condemned by the faithful.

Perhaps Christians should launch such a powerful all-out offensive to make Jesus known.

But they can't, because every time Christians rise to occasion, the liberal secularists claim that Christians are shoving their beliefs down their throats. All this while the secular humanists indoctrinate our children in the public school system, and through movies like The Golden Compass.

Liberal Secularists proclaim that Christianity, and any hint of religion in the public square, cannot be tolerated. However, I see it differently. I think that Secularism is in fact being shoved down our throats, and the fact that it is, and the warnings against Christianity perpetuated by the liberal seculars, is what's truly intolerant.

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