Monday, November 23, 2009

Democrats Bribe Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The unethical move of paying off Senator Landrieu with $300 million to her state so that she'd vote with the rest of her fellow Democrats in last Saturday's cloture vote for government-run health care is being called the new Louisiana Purchase. Reid's willingness to throw around taxpayer money to get what he wants is evidence of two glaring truths. One, the Democrats are desperate and are willing to do anything to pass their liberty-killing health legislation before it is too late, and more people realize the danger of the vile legislation. Two, in addition to being liars, cheats and haters of the American Form of Government as it exists in its current form, the Democrats are also willing to resort to bribery to get their unpopular proposals passed.

Pandora's Box has been opened with Reid's pay-off of Landrieu. I am sure the other Blue Dog Democrats that voted for cloture are feeling a little left out, and their price will be hire if Reid wants their vote for the real deal. What is worse, is Landrieu is bragging about being bribed by Reid, proclaiming she couldn't be bought for $100 million, but the political whore was more than happy to take triple the amount.

Leftists have no scruples. They can be bought. Their own power is more important than what is best for the country, or whatever values and beliefs they may hold. There is no louder evidence than the Louisiana Purchase to prove those statements.

Last night on the Political Pistachio Radio Revolution I was asked if the move was Constitutional. Check for yourself. Where in the Constitution does it give the Congress the authority to use taxpayer money to bribe politicians to help pass legislation that the people are strongly against, and a proposal that is unconstitutional in the first place?

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