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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Arizona Standing Strong Against Obama Agenda

Tonight on the Political Pistachio Radio Revolution:

Barack Obama is likely regretting his decision to pull his current DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano out of her position as Governor of Arizona. Her replacement there – Jan Brewer – is standing up to the Obama administration as well as to Eric Holder's Department of Justice over a recently signed law that will be tough on illegal immigration. Obama appears to be having a difficult time finding the solution in his Rules for Radicals handbook, authored by his ideological mentor, Saul Alinsky. Perhaps because it isn't in there.

The state of Arizona is increasingly finding itself being alienated on the world stage, many believe with the approval and encouragement of the president of the United States. Whether it's the Assistant Secretary of State apologizing for Arizona to the Chinese or the Mexican president chastising that state in front of a joint session of congress, significant pressure is being brought against Brewer and her state over the recent signing and passage of an immigration law there. Cuba's Castro and Venezuela's Chavez have also expressed vocal opposition to Arizona.

Al Garza, President of the Patriots Coalition and resident of Arizona, has seen this before – in Honduras. Last year interim president of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti stood strong against not only Obama but the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the European Union, and the aforementioned Castro and Chavez.

Micheletti was victorious in defeating virtually the entire world by refusing to compromise his principles; Garza is calling for Governor Brewer to follow the same formula in order to defeat the same tactics.

Al Garza is a national expert on the issues surrounding immigration law, border security and the illegal immigration crisis. While originally serving as Executive Director the of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Garza quickly became one of the most well respected national leaders within the border security movement for building coalitions and generating interest for the movement by building dozens of state and local chapters.

He praises immigrants of all nationalities and without prejudice or bias, welcomes everyone to the land of opportunity, but, he also believes in the legal process of immigration, and that no one is exempt from our laws or should receive amnesty for violating them.

Since Fall 2009, Garza founded and serves as President of the Patriots Coalition, a citizen political action group that assists the Border Patrol in defending our Southern and Northern border with Mexico and Canada. Garza is also founder of “America Speaks Out,” a committee of Americans of Hispanic Heritage, adjoined to the Patriots Coalition, whose mission is to monitor pertinent legislation and policy changes, along with challenging open border agendas wherever we find them.

Garza retired in 2003 after a 32-year career as a private investigator in Southern California. He currently resides in Arizona with his wife Lucy. He became involved as an activist shortly after retiring as a result of witnessing the needless deaths in the desert, and the lawlessness occurring on the sovereign borders of the United States.

Throughout the last 6 years, Garza has dedicated himself to setting a new standard for leadership within the border security movement. While elected officials are cavalier towards this national security crisis and regard Al and fellow patriots as vigilantes, he remains busy saving lives and reporting suspicious illegal activity to the proper authorities. This is an endeavor he attributes to one of President Bush's eloquent speeches.

To date, Garza and fellow patriots have peacefully turned over thousands of illegal entrants to the Border Patrol and saved 345 lives without a single incident of violence.

Garza honorably served in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam conflict and is a combat veteran. He has a background in hand-to-hand combat, weapons training, and served as a military police officer while stationed at Camp Pendleton. Al has held leadership positions in various Veteran organizations such as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans and diligently assisted youth clubs as a Big Brother, counselor and advisor.

Garza has been a favorite guest on hundreds of radio talk shows nationally, has appeared numerous times on Arizona news broadcasts, and has been interviewed on some of the most highly watched television shows including: Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, Tony Snow, CNN–Lou Dobbs, MSNBC and Larry King Live, as well as on various Latino television specials.

Tonight Al Garza joins the Political Pistachio Radio Revolution. Listen live at 7:00 pm Pacific, or catch the archive later, at BlogTalkRadio.com/PoliticalPistachio.

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