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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Earthquake Moves California City of Calexico

By Douglas V. Gibbs

A while back, April 4th to be exact, Calexico, California was hit by a 7.2 Earthquake that was felt all the way up to Los Angeles. Calexico is a border city due east of San Diego, and found themselves in disarray after the major earthquake hit their city's region. The damage in the streets was characterized by a twisted infrastructure that the city's emergency fund is desperately attempting to fund the repairs of. Since that earthquake, however, another indication of how serious that trembler was has exposed itself.

According to NASA satellite radar images, the city of Calexico has moved. The earthquake literally relocated the city of Calexico 31 inches southward, and down.

Closer to Mexico? Ah, the travesty of it all!

What did you expect from the strongest quake to hit the region in 120 years?

But this is not the only recent instance of moving cities, thanks to earthquakes.

The massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Chile earlier this year moved the city of ConcepciĆ³n at least 10 feet to the west. That quake was the fifth most powerful temblor in recorded history.

Hmmm, I know the number of earthquakes for recent years is not necessarily higher than usual, but it does seem to be that they are stronger, and in more diverse places.

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