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Monday, August 16, 2010

Democrats Distance Themselves From Obama

By Douglas V. Gibbs

When President Obama visited Texas, the Republican Governor was there to greet him. Governor Perry's competitor from the Democrat Party was no where to be seen, distancing himself as much as possible from the President, and his failed administration.

White House aides are doing the same thing. The first-generation team that arrived with Barack Obama at the White House are getting the heck out of Dodge. One by one, with as few words and fanfare as possible, they have turned in their White House badges to rejoin the outside world, some eagerly seeking the exit, others unhappily shown the door.

The idealism of Leftism has failed, and the deflated wannabes can't distance themselves fast enough. The economic collapse hastened by the Democrat Party's dangerous financial policies, and Obama's inability to appease his hard left followers as he continues some of Bush's war policies (one is too many to these people), has created a stressful environment in the White House, and party-wide. The writing is on the wall. Get while the gettin' is good, and if you hope to win in November, distance yourself as far as you can from the failed presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

Even the media knows that political affiliation with the Obama administration can be devastating. . . yet they are hoping to paint reality as saying something different. This is why Bennet's victory in the Colorado Primary became a topic of celebration for the leftists. Obama backed Bennet, and the Democrat pulled off a victory, which in their minds meant that support by Obama is not so devastating after all.

The interesting thing about Bennet is that he has indicated that he wants Obama to stay away from his main campaign against his Republican opponent, which will culminate in the vote in November.

Even Obama himself recognizes that he ought to stay away from the mid-term campaigns if any of them are going to have a chance, saying to an audience of candidates recently that, “You may not even want me to come to your district.”

Christine Romer's departure was even accompanied with statements by her that questioned if they had done the right thing, as if some of what she did regarding economics may have been harmful, in her opinion, to the American financial system. Romer missed big on her expectations for the deficit. Her models were wrong in every way. The stimulus is a bust.

There is even wonder out there on if she was fired, rather than resigned.

The excuse that has surfaced is regarding her son starting high school.

If you remember that Democrats are habitual liars, even that comment is suspect.

The excuses are flying out the door nearly as fast as the aides are running out the doors of the White House. Meanwhile, the Democrat candidates are treating Obama like the plague.

Fact is, even the left knows that Obama is a dismal failure, and this nation is worse for having him, and the Democrats in Congress, in power.

The hope is now that when the GOP gains control of Congress in both houses they will do better (meaning, follow conservative principles). However, after November's big win, one wonders if the cesspool of Washington will do to the new Republican majority what it did to the GOP Congress in 1994 in a matter of only six months?

Hold their feet to the fire, we must. That is the way of conservatives that are involved, it is.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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