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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ferguson's Bitter Rage

By Douglas V. Gibbs

There are two sides to everything in life.  As individuals, we can choose to be bossy, or we can choose to be leaders.  We can be arrogant, or we can be confident.  We can be reckless, or we can be risk takers.  And when we are angry, we can be destructive with it, or we can be constructive with it.

Anger, in itself, is not a sinful action.  Jesus Christ was angry with the money-changers on the steps of the temple.  He disrupted their activities by overturning the tables, and sending them on their way.  Righteous action, however, does not necessarily require us to physically flip tables.  There are ways to do it without violence, and without burning our own neighborhoods to the ground.

Americans whose progenitors were victims of the enslavement of Africans in the United States, and throughout the Western World at one point, have every right to be disappointed at the decisions of those people in history to even partake in the sinful institution of slavery.  There is no doubt that the knowledge of the history of slavery against blacks causes anger, and the wounds of that time period may still be alive and well in a culture of Americans that share that ancestry.  That anger is no doubt not understood by members of groups outside the black population.  Racism was, and is, a very real problem, and an unfortunate reality in an imperfect world populated by flawed human beings.  And if we don't remember history, and listen carefully to its warnings, history has a tendency to repeat itself.

As a virtuous people, it is our responsibility to make sure that horrific aspects of a troubled history never emerge again.  The way to do that, however, is not through rage, anger, destruction, and dependency upon government.  The central government more often causes problems, than solves them.  Therefore, the hope and change we seem to always yearn for does not happen because a politician comes along and says he can deliver such a thing.  Hope and change happens within, with individuals, when we decide that our children, and their children, need to be able to look back in history and say, "My parents, and my grandparents, fought the good fight to make this a better place," rather than, "My parents, and my grandparents, lived a life of dependence upon government, enslaved by programs that promised a mediocre life by giving small gifts from the government's treasury, and when things seemed like they went in a direction that angered them, they rose up, rioted, and destroyed their own neighborhoods, and stole from their own neighbors."

Rage cannot change the past, nor heal the future.  Racism in return, targeting whites, and causing destruction because a white cop was found to have no reason to shoot a young black man for any other reason than self-defense, does not change the past, or heal the future.

Class warfare, and cultural division, is how tyranny controls the people.  The folks in Ferguson, Missouri, and around the country, that did more than march and protest were nothing more than pawns.  The people who were agitators and opportunists who were breaking windows, looting stores, and burning cars and businesses, were pawns following the unspoken instructions by tyranny.

You did exactly what the power players in government wanted you to do.  Crisis, after all, is something they use to tighten the grip government has on the population.

The United States of America was not founded on mob-rule.  We are a nation of laws.  The rule of law is not perfect, but it is a better system than we see anywhere else in the world.  On the occasion that the wheels of justice do not spin our way, is it reasonable to resort to violence, looting, and rage?

Change does not happen through government, and change does not happen during riots and destruction.  Change happens within.  Change happens when we realize that we've been duped, not by the justice system as much as by ourselves.  Those in government that seek power and wealth have convinced the minority segments of the American population that they are not good enough to be successful individuals, that the mediocrity of government dependence is as good as it gets.  Certain groups are literally being paid to remain in poverty.  Through big government programs and propaganda, entire groups of people have simply given up.  Individualism and self-reliance has become something to scoff at.  When a member of the neighborhood makes it big, and begins to enjoy his or her success, they are labeled a "sell-out."  Since when is doing the right thing, and being a success something to look down upon?

There is a revolution on the horizon, that is clear.  But the revolution does not have to be a violent thing, and it does not have to be race-related.  We are not groups.  We don't have to be groups.  We do not have to be divided.  We are Americans, and as Americans, we can break the cycle.  As Americans, we can loosen the grip the government goons has on our society, and innovate and prosper because we have decided to through hard-work, self-reliance, personal responsibility, and individualism.

Has the neighborhood gotten any better under the current leadership?  Has the Democrat Party, with its promises of unity, and prosperity through government programs, delivered?

When Lyndon B. Johnson was taking Franklin Delano Roosevelt's welfare programs to the next level with a plan he called "The Great Society," he knew exactly what he was doing. He said, of the government dependency his Democrat Party was working to instill, "I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years."  Johnson was also the President that reluctantly signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was a watered down version of the 1957 bill the Republicans had offered, but was filibustered against by the Democrat Party.

Welfare is up during the Obama presidency, food stamps are up during the Obama presidency, and black unemployment is in double digits while the overall rate has been slowly moving downward.

The revolution can be fought by changing ourselves, changing within, and then using our attitude of growth to send a message of hope to our children, and a message of change to Washington.  The revolution exists, but it is not violent, and it is not accomplished by burning down our neighborhoods.  The revolution is a personal thing, and it is inside all of us.  You are the revolution.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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