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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Officer Darren Wilson Breaks Silence

by JASmius

What the hell?  The New York Times has published his home address, so the next best place for Officer Wilson to hide is in plain sight, I guess:

While he did say he was sorry, for the loss of life, the loss of Michael Brown’s life, he said he would not do anything different that day. He did what he was trained to do he was simply doing his job and I pressed him and I said would this have gone down any differently if Michael Brown were white?

[BLEEP] you, George.  With a big, rubber, black-and-white, horizontally-striped [BLEEP].  How about we put you in Officer Wilson's shoes three and a half months ago and see how you react?  If you had the training and a sidearm, I'm guessing you'd have done the exact same thing he did.

No, actually, I take that back.  You would have been the "pussy" Mr. Brown discovered the hard way that Officer Wilson wasn't, and you'd be dead today.

But hey, that would have been doing your part to advance "social justice," right., George?

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