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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hollywood Cyber-Hack Attack; Target: Sony

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Internet Cyber-hacking has reached into Hollywood's pockets once again.  Movies from Sony Pictures has been downloaded, and sent into the file-sharing world, including four unreleased films.  The early exposure and downloading of the movies is a crime, and Sony is working with law enforcement closely regarding this case of piracy.

The group that performed the hacking calls themselves "Guardians of Peace," leaving a message on Sony's corporate computers with an image of a skeleton, and the words, "Hacked by #GOP."

I wonder how many people read about this and thought it meant the Republicans had done it?

The message also threatened to spill "secrets and top secrets" that Sony harbors, such as the investigation Sony finds themselves under regarding a connection between Sony's comedic film, "The Interview," and North Korea.

The hack-attack follows one against last July when Lionsgate was hacked, and their movie, "Expendables 3," wound up online three weeks before it was released in theaters.

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