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Sunday, November 30, 2014

NAACP: Mike Brown Stepdad’s “Burn This Bitch Down” Marching Order Not “Call For Violence”

by JASmius

The race/ethnicity/gender/group identity and the excuse define the action, not the action that defines the race/ethnicity/gender/group identity - depending on the race/ethnicity/gender/group identity:

BURNETT: Obviously, burn this expletive down, burn this expletive down. Look, he was in a lot of pain, he was in the moment, but do you think that served as a call to violence?

BROOKS: No, I don’t think that that was a call for violence or it caused violence. The fact of the matter is, a single act of violence set this tragic set of consequences into motion. That being the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. That’s what, in fact, caused all of this. And one of the ways that we can respond to this tragedy is to focus anger and turn anger into action and reform the criminal justice system. We can do no less.

BURNETT: All right.

Ex-Officer Darren Wilson "murdered" "unarmed incredible hulk" Michael Brown, even though he didn't, because Wilson is white and Brown was black.  Michael Brown's stepfather demanded that Ferguson be "burned down" but that was not an incitement to violence and arson because Michael Brown's stepfather is black and "in pain" and has a right to "burn that bitch down," and besides, only white crackers "incite violence".

So why didn't white Missouri Democrat Governor Jay Nixon send in the National Guard he called up the week before to restore order?  Is not violence sometimes needed to quell violence?  Because mulatto Democrat Dictator Barack Obama ordered him not to, and to let the insurrection roar out of control.  Anything less than full, instant, bootlicking obedience from Governor Nixon would have been "inciting violence" on his part.

That, and the propaganda optics are apparently more valuable to The One at this point than cutting straight to martial law.

The calendar may say 2014, my friends, but we are living in 1984....

....with a smidgeon of Shaft.

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