Friday, January 30, 2015

First Scott Walker Ad: "Our American Revival"

by JASmius

If there's one thing you all know about us here at Political Pistachio, Constitution Radio, American Daily Review, and Hard Starboard Radio, dear audience members, it is that we don't pull punches on anybody.  We call 'em as we see 'em, and if members of our own "team" screw up, we'll light their boots on fire as well.

But we are also candid about the fact that we are "advocacy journalists".  We have a point of view - constitutional conservatism - and all our hard-hitting but witty and whimsical analysis flows through that ideological lens.

And we make no bones about the candidates we support in intramural scrums like Republican presidential nominating cycles.

So while we will cover the 2016 GOP primaries, and whack the 21st century Calvin Coolidge if and when necessary, you can consider this our endorsement of two-term, thrice-elected Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for President of the United States in 2016, and count on the fact that we will post every campaign ad and video that Walker-'16 churns out.


A Reaganesque breath of fresh air in an atmosphere that's been choking on foul Obamunist fumes for what seems like a lifetime, isn't it?

First critique, though: Don't reference Hillary Clinton, Governor.  You're just helping the Dems set the stage for their actual 2016 nominee, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).  She certainly wouldn't fit under the label "looking to the past".  Remember, the vast majority of people aren't political junkies and ideologues like us,.and they'll always give a fresh face the benefit of the doubt, even though she pushes the same tired, Marxist-Alinskyist bilge we've had shoved in both earholes through our fingers for most of the past decade.  Do not, in short, preemptively start running the general campaign against a woman that is never going to get there.

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