Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Democrats Prepare for Violent Revolution

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The Democrats, in the 2016 Presidential Election, lost Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin when it came to the Electoral College.  While California became bluer, the realization that the Democrats are losing grip on their transformational agenda in the rest of the country has slammed the leftists square in the face.  The disarray and civil war the liberal leftists accused the GOP of being capable of over that last eight years is now a reality for the Democrat Party.  They have revealed too much of who they really are, and America has rejected their socialism, their divisive class warfare, and their unwillingness to protect the United States against enemies who want to destroy our way of life.

The liberal left utopia, however, is more than merely an ideology.  For the American Left it is a religion.  They hate any opposition, and are willing to do whatever it takes to either win over their opposition, or silence and eliminate their opposition.  We saw this to be true during the 2016 Election.  The tactics of street warfare, and something way beyond mudslinging, were disturbing.

While a liberal left Democrat failed utopia exists in places like California, Detroit, Chicago and the Northeast, Americans in the remainder of the United States have rejected the unsuccessful leftist policies that have left these places in severe economic trouble, and have encouraged a massive exodus from those regions by Americans who just can't survive under leftist rule.

In the past, Republicans would simply try to blend in with the Democrats.  They refused to rock the boat.  The GOP has always feared direct confrontation with the leftist Democrats because they believe the rhetoric about the swing voters, and how easy it is for the Republicans to anger those voters, and lose them.  The problem is, the conventional wisdom they have always believed is a bunch of poppycock.  That's one of the reason Trump's win was such a surprise.  He rejected that kind of strategy, which has always led to either putting a Democrat in office, or a very weak Republican in office.  Trump's brand of politics is something different.  He has taken strong stances on hardcore issues, and won't budge when under attack by the Left.

Historically, the liberal left Democrats have always accused their right-wing opposition of being paranoid, Bible-clinging, gun-toting conspiracy theorists.  Now, it's the liberals who are suddenly worried, and stockpiling food, guns, and emergency supplies.  Trump's 2016 win was a wake-up call.  Their cheating, lying and violence was not enough to stop the man, and his very unorthodox approach to politics.

Rather than looking within, however, the liberal left have decided the problem is that they were too nice, and now they need to fight Trump, and the Republicans, every inch of the way.


The Democrats fear that either Trump is going to collapse the system as we know it, or their fight against him will do so.  Either way, according to the liberal left, there will be a “Trumpocalypse”.

The liberal left feels more negatively about Trump than they did about George W. Bush, and the anti-Bush campaign took eight years to fully hatch.  They have angrily protested Trump's election in the streets, they violently targeted his supporters, cried in their college classrooms, and screamed on various media outlets.  They are in full preparation for social and economic collapse, or a violent revolution.

Under Obama, the liberal left Democrats thought the end of the Republican Party, and any opposition to leftist policies, was at an end.  America had finally made the big left turn.  They only needed, now, to disarm the crazy right-wing bastards.  Then, with a faint whimper, the last of the opposition to the liberal left agenda would be gone.  Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in, and Trump made her coronation a sure thing.  Her victory was more than assured by his rise to the top of the GOP.  Surely, there was nobody in America willing to vote for the crazy billionaire who represented everything the Democrats had taught American voters, especially the younger ones, and the minority ones, to hate.

Just to make sure, however, they unleashed everything in their arsenal.  The attacks against Trump knew no limits.  He was accused of sexual impropriety, accused of being a racist, and white supremacist, and someone who could not be trusted with the nuclear codes.  The very name of Donald J. Trump sent liberals into a tizzy, because of the evil he represented. . . or, at least that is what they were told.

The election of Donald Trump was a shock to the system.  Nobody on the left side of the aisle expected that Trump had a snowball's chance in Hell to win the 2016 Election.  All of their skewed poll numbers said Hillary was going to win.

Unfortunately, for the Democrats, they believed their own bull.

Reality, it turns out, was something very different than the fantasy world the Democrats had been creating.

Conservatives and the National Rifle Association figured the panic buying of fire arms and ammunition would slow down once Trump's win sunk in.  However, gun sales have remained high - but the type of buyers have shifted.  The leftists are now buying guns.

With the unexpected win by Trump, a storm is approaching, the liberals believe.  Maybe not the kind of apocalyptic scenario true preppers have long been expecting, but a storm, nonetheless.

Conservatives like myself have been predicting an economic crash is on its way, soon, for a long time.  We haven't suggested that the financial collapse is on its way because of someone like Trump, however, but because the dollar has been artificially held up for so long that a downturn is inevitable.  The Federal Reserve, however, holds the reins, and has been delaying any financial calamity.  However, with a new right-wing sheriff at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they may very well be willing to unleash their own financial Armageddon.  I have been suggesting for years that if a Republican won the White House in 2016, the leftists in important economic positions would do what they could to collapse the system in 2017 or 2018, and try to make it look like the fault of whoever that GOP President of the United States is.  Americans, after all, if fed the right story at the right time, will believe just about anything.  And the Democrats, desperate to hang on to the last scrap of their power, are willing to say, and do, anything.  The welfare of the United States is not what they strive for.  Their aim is whatever is best for their leftist agenda.

The choice of Donald Trump, and the GOP Congress, should such a thing happen, will be simple.  Do what they can to ensure the economic bubble doesn't burst, and continue the artificial support of the financial system, or let fall what must fall and then deal with the crisis in a manner more akin to what the Founding Fathers would expect.  The latter, we must realize, because of the amount of time the system has been held up by government manipulation, is the more painful route.

The latter will not only be painful because of the economic consequences for our century-long socialism-influenced actions, but also because the American leftists are willing and ready to launch their own violent revolution while we are financially down.

Some suggestions are even questioning if the Trump presidency will ever get off the ground.  ISIS, after all, is already promising a bloody inauguration day at the hands of Muslim terrorists.  What if the liberal left is preparing to do the same - or worse?

A website,, is promising to put into action a liberal left uprising against the Trump administration on January 20, 2017 as I write this.  It is their goal to “block, obstruct, disrupt, and do whatever they can to prevent the onslaught that is going to happen with Donald Trump,” says Michael Moore.

They see themselves as the moral supremacists.  Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press is fine as long as you agree with the liberal left.  Disagreement with leftism is so upsetting that on college campuses they need safe zones to protect themselves from being offended by conservative thoughts or words.  And, if the political right actually dares to score a political victory against the liberal left, it has been already determined that the right-wingers will pay the price.  The liberal left's delusional paranoia typifies them, and they have been busy teaching the youth that madness, as well.  Violence has become a norm.  The younger generation has been taught so well to go off into violent fits with ease that we have been even seeing their violence erupt at various shopping malls during the Christmas season.

It's a communist uprising, in truth.  It's what they've been working towards since before any of us were born.  The real coup, however, began in 2008, after a century long reeducation of society.  Yet, to their surprise, they somehow lost the White House in 2016.  So, when the political angle doesn't work, that is when tyranny reaches into their bag of violent tricks.  But, like all communist uprisings, it will all begin as something good and meaningful.  It will be launched as a peaceful protest.

Darkness always first appears as an angel of light.

Could the Inauguration Day revolution be something akin to the Tet Offensive?  Could the liberal left tyrants be planning an offensive aimed at the new Trump inauguration in order to foment rebellion nationwide?  Could this be an activation of their angry brown shirts we've seen glimpses of at Trump rallies during 2016, or during riots in black neighborhoods in recent years?  The liberal left believes that they've been too nice, and now they are willing to go for broke.  To unleash the revolution.  To finally bring about their long awaited Marxist regime.

The timing, if the liberal left does actually do such a thing as use violence against the Trump administration on Inauguration Day, would be interesting from a historical perspective, considering that reports are also circulating that ISIS is planning a series of “Jihad” attacks on Inauguration Day, as well.

U.S. special forces will already be on high alert when Mr. Trump takes his oath as the 45th President of the United States on Friday, January 20, 2017, in Washington, DC.  They will be so busy looking for Islamic terrorists that they won't realize the true threat is from within.  The liberal leftists want desperately to sabotage the Trump administration, and possibly overthrow the entire government.  For their socialist big government agenda, the ends justifies the means.  Besides, under Obama, the veil was raised.  Why worry about exposure now?  They've been poking the right-of-center groups in the chest for years, trying to instigate a violent response, and they never got it.  Now, they may be realizing, it is up to them to initiate the violence.  It is up to the leftists to finally launch the true coup.  Or, at least that is what a lot of people think.

I am not as convinced that the violent actions of revolutionary liberal leftists will be launched any time soon.  The liberal left has always worried about the fact that conservatives are armed.  The 2nd Amendment has always been the one thing that has protected us from such a takeover.  So, while there are liberal left groups out there, and Islamic terrorists out there, aiming to be a problem for Donald Trump's inauguration, I find it more likely it will be a Muslim terror attack than a liberal left launch of a violent revolution.

This is not to say we will not see the occasional leftist crazies doing stupid things.

We have already seen liberal left loonies go over the deep end and do some crazy stuff.  A passenger on a JetBlue flight went nuts when noticing Ivanka Trump was on board.  The person admitted to being a Hillary voter, and claimed Ivanka's father is "ruining the country."  I guess the liberal left mantra is that everyone should be treated with respect, unless you're Republican - and especially unless you are a Trump supporter or member of Trump's family.

A group of artists have voiced their unhappiness with Trump by telling Ivanka Trump they are not happy with the fact that Donald' Trump's eldest daughter has been featuring their work on the walls of her home.  The artists, who joined together to form Halt Action Group, have started an Instagram campaign called “Dear Ivanka” to protest President-elect Donald Trump through his daughter, Fox News has reported.  Many of Ivanka’s Instagram photos show her posing with the pieces of artwork in her apartment.

Ivanka Trump is also being targeted on AMAZON, where reviewers are trolling her products and leaving less than complimentary reviews.

Reviews of the Ivanka Trump Women's Issa boots, for example, included reviews like "These boots were perfect for wiping my feet on the Constitution and trampling the civil liberties and basic human rights of my fellow Americans.  The spike heel is ideal for grinding democracy into the ground, or simply kicking the downtrodden as you stride past."

Another Amazon user called them "two extremely right boots" in her one star review and added that the "sizing and all other info is in Russian, but they are made in China."

The list of stinging insults is a long one, and virtually every Ivanka Trump product on Amazon has at least one scathing review designed as a barb against the businesswoman, particularly as she relates to her father's political agenda.
The liberal left agenda of claiming Trump is some kind of Hitler has dug so deep that even the Royals have fallen for it.  With Trump's election following Brexit so closely, misguided Prince Charles has actually claimed that what is going on raises a specter of a coming holocaust.

Remember, the leftists have said continuously that they don't trust Trump with the nuclear codes, and they have somehow, in their mind, equated his position of stopping Muslim immigration because of the threat of terrorists being intermixed with those refugees on par with what Germany did with the Jews.  Their hysteria goes beyond insanity, and the liberal lefties are gnashing their teeth in anger and fear because of their anti-Trump derangement disorder.  Therefore, it is no surprise they are also up in arms because Trump has said he plans to strengthen and expand the nuclear capabilities of the United States.  From a conservative point of view, however, the timing is perfect, since Russian President Vladimir Putin has his own sights set on strengthening the Russian military.  Putin's making a pitch for bigger and badder nuclear weapons, saying that Moscow must “strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces, especially with missile complexes that can reliably penetrate any existing and prospective missile defense systems.”

Is all of this we've discussed here enough for the liberal left to set off some kind of a violent revolution?  Yes.  But, they won't.  Not yet, anyway.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary


UN Foe said...

Trump is like following a snowplow in a blizzard. I nice reprieve yet the "Snowflakes" keep coming causing hazards down the road.

Mark (Shoul)Dice (You-Tube) does a great job exposing the "Flakes" in America, what seems missing from these crystalized, media mind controlled zombies he so easily finds off the street, seems not their genuine concern over an issue, rather their easy sway of opinion. go along to get along. Hate speech, Guns are Bad, Trump is an idiot, the governments alphabet soup agencies are here to help you, watch your television PROGRAMS, no original thinking here move along.

UN Foe

Call Me Mom said...

The liberal left CREATED this situation. Had they kept their leftist leanings within the bounds of the Constitution, there would not have been a backlash severe enough to elect Mr. Trump and we would have had a Scott Walker or other politician as the nominee. But they didn't and now they will further divide the nation in hopes of setting off a revolution that, if "won" by conservatives can be used to incite a counter revolution and if "won" by them, can be used to rid themselves of that pesky constitution and the ideas it creates in people once and for all. Because communism cannot tolerate dissent.

The balance between restoration of the constitution and totalitarianism is so very, very delicate and the urge to punish those who have brought us to this point is strong. Add in our many enemies abroad, enemies who have been strengthened by Mr. obama and his minions and America is in a very precarious place indeed. May God guide and preserve us going forward, because He is the only thing that can.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. I'd like to hear Gibbs on the EIB microphone.