Monday, September 23, 2019

Love may be Love, but it shouldn't be Tyranny

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Love is Love.  I agree.  However, I don't believe people in love should be able to use the government to force people who disagree with them into accepting the narrative, or celebrating what the other group believes to be deviant behavior.

The Love is Love mantra is the liberal left's way of combating those not fully celebratory about homosexuality, transgenderism, and the other deviant sexual behaviors that will no doubt be added to the list (polygamy, beastiality, pedophilia ... mark my words, the normalization of each of those things is on the horizon).  At what point does the envelope stop being pushed?  At what point does the sexualization of our culture (and thanks to the homosexual militantism, the sexualization of our children) stop?  At what point will they say "we've gone too far"?

The problem is, there is no limit.  And now that the line has been crossed, the normalization of aberrant sexual behavior is not going to stop.  As California's governor, Gavin Newsom, once said, "like it or not" the homosexual wave is coming and will succeed.

From a Christian point of view, I believe homosexuality to be sinful behavior.  From a personal point of view, until the last few years my only experience with homosexuals was them raping me as a child between the ages of six and twelve.  From a societal view, the homosexual agenda is dangerous to the basic building blocks of our culture, which includes the family unit.  From a legal and political view, any group that seeks to use the law to force people to agree with their cause, and do so through lawsuits, and authoritarian schemes including "hate crime laws" as they force their agenda into the culture through entertainment and the education system is nothing less than tyrannical, and unwelcome in the American scheme of liberty.  It is not liberty to force someone to bake a cake with language they disagree with.  It is not liberty to fire people or prosecute them for using language that is not agreeable to a particular group.  It is not liberty to monitor pastors and try to prosecute them for daring to say that homosexuality is a sin.  It is not liberty to shout down or ridicule into silence anyone who dares to have a dissenting opinion when it comes to sexual lifestyles.  You want to be gay, then be gay, but don't try to use the force of law to force those who disagree with the lifestyle into compliance.

How Orwellian of the liberal left, and their homosexual compadres.

In the Declaration of Independence it says, "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."  Life and liberty are the only things we can demand to be guaranteed.  Everything else is something to be pursued.  We don't have a right to happiness, but we have a right to pursue it.  We don't have a right to health care, but we have a right to pursue it.  We don't have a right to have a cake baked the way we want or to force a pastor to marry certain types of couples, but we have a right to pursue those things.  Why?  Because the rights of the other folks matter, too.  Rights are a two-way street.  One's rights stop at the edge of the other person's rights.  So, if someone has a religious belief that your homosexual behavior is a sin, and they do not wish to participate in it, that is their right.  Go find your services elsewhere.

Personally, I don't believe we have different categories of rights.  We are told we have fundamental rights, civil rights, property rights, religious rights, secondary rights, and so on and so forth.  But that is not what our founding documents and the writings of the Founding Fathers say.  According to them, we have rights we have been endowed with by our Creator, and government is instituted to secure those rights (not protect or guarantee them), and among those rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Our rights are Natural Rights, and nothing more.

Sure, love is love, and you can love whoever you want, but you can't force everyone to like it, agree with it, or celebrate it.  That's not liberty.  That's tyranny.

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