Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Women's Rights, Human Rights, and Natural Rights

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

As with securing the rights of blacks, the Republican Party was also originally the political party at the forefront of the fight when it came to women's rights.  The Democrat Party, unfortunately, hijacked both issues, claiming they are the party for racial justice (even though they voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and some of them even filibustered against it), and the party that stands against sexism (Susan B. Anthony was a Republican, the Democrats largely stood against the 19th Amendment which extended the privilege of voting to women).  However, in order to try and prove that they are actually the party women's rights the liberal left has gone so far as to not only support the blood sacrifice of innocent children, but then they mislabel the murderous act of abortion as being a "reproductive right."  Then, if you disagree with them on the barbaric practice of abortion, you are then accused of standing in opposition of women's rights.

Women have access to their natural rights no different than men do.  If a woman wishes to pursue her rights, she can.  Some women, as a result, have made remarkable strides in a vast number of careers, endeavors, and areas of study.  Some women have been astronauts, some have been the leaders of massive corporations, and many are holding political office.  There is no crisis regarding women's rights in the United States as the Democrats would have you believe.  The claim that there is a women's rights crisis is simply a liberal left twisting of realty.

I can hear the lefties now.  "Doug, equal pay for equal work!"

There are no laws not allowing women to make as much as men, and for the most part a woman can reach for the stars if she desires to.  The problem is, most women don't push for those heights because they don't desire it.  Many women, as they settle into a family role, prefer being a mom, and spending time with her children, so they don't push for the higher paying positions, and they don't reach for the stars ... and that's okay.  What a wonderful country.  They have the freedom to reach for either, or try to do both at the same time. But, as a result of our culture where many women pursue motherhood, the reality is that there are less women seeking the bigger positions, therefore there are less women reaching into those high paying positions.  It's not sexism, it's basic math.

"But Doug, what about reproductive rights?"

Is it really a right to kill another human being?  To what god is the blood of those children being sacrificed to?  And, the first or second trimester is one thing, but now the Democrats are pushing for third trimester abortions (which is never necessary since a third trimester child can survive outside the womb)?  At which point do they begin sacrificing babies after birth?

With the sexualization of children in the schools I heard one leftist Planned Parenthood executive exclaim that the goal was for girls between the ages of nine and eighteen to have four abortions before they graduate from high school.

How disgusting is that?  Why is the left pushing for this kind of human suffering?  Is it for body parts?  Is it for money and power?  Or is it even more gruesome than that, and is truly nothing different than the child sacrifices of Moloch?

Does not the unborn have the natural right of life?  As persons do they not deserve legal protection from people who wish to kill them?  If the liberal left with their mantra "women's rights are human rights" are claiming that killing another human life is a human right, then I not only want nothing to do with their sick and twisted ideology, but I will do everything I can to protect babies from their murderous demands.  After all, a baby's right to life is a natural right given to that child by the Creator, and no woman has the right to steal the life of any child by poisoning them in the womb, or pulling them out of the uterus piece by piece.

That's not a woman's right ... it's murder.

"But, Doug," they tell me, "are you saying you want the child to suffer as a crack baby?  Are you willing to raise a child who would have such a horrible future ahead of them?"

So your solution is to murder them?  Deny them the opportunity to work their way out of the poverty and become successful Americans who defied conventional wisdom that if born in poverty they would stay in poverty?  Of the greatest Americans in history, how many were born in wealth, and how many in poverty?  A part of becoming great is learning how to overcome adverse conditions.  It's a part of life.  Sure, I would prefer that people did not have to come from such difficult beginnings, but let's not go the other extreme and try to create a master-race that only has what we consider to be acceptable upbringings, either.

"You don't understand," one person said to me, "because of your white privilege."

What white privilege?  I've struggled for every gain I've accomplished.  My parents divorced.  My step-dad often worked multiple jobs to keep us afloat.  Before moving to the Inland Empire in California, we lived in North Long Beach, in a very difficult, gang-infested area.  My Mexican-born wife, whose parents immigrated here legally when she was but a baby, once told me, "you grew up poorer than me, and I grew up in the barrio."

When we were first married we couldn't afford dishes, so we ate our meals out of the one pan we owned.  It was ramen and tomato soup, mostly, back in those days.  At one point I worked two jobs, just to keep us from going under after we bought our house.  We had no television for a very long time, because the signal was bad in the area, and we couldn't afford cable.  We shared one old used vehicle, and worked our fingers to the bone until we were able to finally increase our salaries where we worked.

No white privilege here, not that I believe that poppycock the liberal left is trying to sell.  We are all Americans.  Some have a difficult start, some don't, but all of us deserves a chance to live, breath, and go for the American Dream.  Even the babies who will be born in poverty.

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