Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Dwayne Haskins Jr. Photographed Maskless Blown out of Proportion

This is not an article about the NFL as much as it is one about masks, and how we are being shamed into losing our individuality, common sense, and ability to make a choice.

Dwayne Haskins Jr. is a quarterback for the Washington Redskins.  The Washington Football Team, aside from giving in to hard left pressures to eliminate their longtime name and mascot in the name of political correctness, and aside from having an owner (Daniel Snyder) who just had to shell out $1.6 million in a settlement of a sexual misconduct accusation, is in turmoil because of the biggest story of the weekend that involves a losing quarterback, and the fact that he went into public without a face mask on his face at a local strip club after the game.

Haskins responded with a Tweet, "It was irresponsible and immature of me and I accept responsibility."

The sports media was all over it.  How irresponsible of Haskins during this critical time in history for not wearing a mask. God knows how many people he must've killed through his immature and irresponsible actions.


Who cares if the individual on his own time decides not to wear a mask.

I never wear a mask.

First of all, it bothers me how easily as Americans we want to turn someone in for doing something we think is bad.  Sure, I get it, he's an NFL athlete, so privacy is not exactly a common commodity, especially when one gets the chance to start a game, then loses, and runs off to a bar with nude women in it afterward.

I don't go to these kinds of places, but I am curious.  Do they strip completely naked, but keep a mask on?  Do they, then, tease the audience by running a finger along the edge of the mask, tugging at the ear-string, pulling the edge of the mask back just enough to reveal the edge of a cheekbone?

How long before neighbors start filming members of the community without a mask, and then turning in the footage to the local police social workers?  

"But, Doug," I have been pleaded, "people die from COVID-19."

The actual numbers are far lower than we are being told, masks don't work, and the disease has a 99% recovery rate for just about everyone.  

A woman from NBC Palm Springs told me, "Not for those who die."

"True," I responded, "but just because people die in car accidents, we don't stop driving."

My friend, Dennis, standing beside me, added, "people drown, but we don't stop going swimming."

It was not irresponsible for Haskins to go out into public to check out naked women at a strip bar without wearing a mask.  It's irresponsible for those who photographed him, and those in the media, for attacking him for making a decision as a consenting adult to not wear a mask.  And personally, I am sick of seeing the arrogance of the liberal left media in their reporting of such matters.  How about the ESPN reporters stop reporting such stupid crap, and get back to sports, which was the whole reason for turning on the channel in the first place.

Keep your political opinion about the scamdemic on your blogs.  Either that, or start an opinion show on radio, or something. When I tune in to a sports channel, I expect to hear news about sports.

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