Monday, January 31, 2022

Is British Mask and Vaccine Decision Going to Spread?

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Evil has encapsulated the world.  Society is out of control, and our culture is in a tailspin.  Right has become wrong, wrong has become right, and suddenly authoritarian government tactics and the major corporations are to be listened to, believed, and obeyed.  And if you don't see it as evil, you are a part of the problem.

The onslaught has been so incredible that I can't write or talk about it fast enough.  It's like being bombarded by a barrage of a thousand arrows from the sky.  There's nowhere to hide, nowhere to escape, and the only way to truly face off against these fiery darts is simply by kneeling and placing above yourself the shield of faith as you wear the helmet of salvation (Ephesians Chapter 6, Verses 10-18).

Sometimes, like with the eye of a hurricane, there is a pause in the storm.  We win a few steps forward, and we see the truth fighting to work its way through the storm and the fiery attack.

We saw such a thing last week.  

The headline read, "IT'S OVER: England drops vaccine passports, mask mandates, and work restrictions"

The masks came off.  In the article dated January 19, 2022 the dawn of a return to the way things were was first announced in this way: "Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced an end to COVID restrictions in England, including face masks in public places and vaccine passports."

I wonder if it was like a graduation ceremony, except instead of caps flying in the air celebrating the end of a difficult education period of one's life, the masks flew into the air, with cheers and celebration that could possibly be the sign that a harsh attempt at totalitarianism is slowly losing its steam.

The United Kingdom has decided to lift all COVID related restrictions including masks, vaccine passports, and workplace restrictions.  Citizens are now being told they can return to ‘normal’; something that seemed impossible not very long ago.  Political pressure has Johnson using the citizens as political human shields to protect his office and legacy, but we'll take it.  The fear for some, however, is that the sanity may stop there, and it may be a temporary eye of the storm.  Others disagree, proclaiming that the Omicron data and the truth have worked their way into the minds of the leaders, as has the unrest among the people, and an imminent end to the COVID scamdemic is in sight.

As the world is fighting to awaken, President Biden and the democrats are doing everything they can to push us further into a deep sleep of insanity and tyranny.  Biden's plan of spending tax-payer money on mailing 400 million N95 masks to homes and pharmacies is in full swing.

Fear.  That is the plan by the leftist totalitarian tyrants, because when you are emotional with fear it becomes very difficult to stand firm against the enemy.  Critical thinking, personal analysis, and logic goes flying out the window, and boomerangs back as a mask upon your face and a jab into your arm.  Result?  Death has a unique style of fear, and the promise of free protection sponsored by your friendly neighborhood tyrants against the horrid clutches of a virus-induced death only sucks you in deeper.

But, with the U.K.'s announcement it may be a sign that the hard left's COVID tyranny is only hanging on by a thin thread.  The Supreme Court's partial blows to Biden's mandates helps, but the court could have set back the federal government's claim to supremacy and their high speed avenue to tyranny back fifty years.

In the announcement in Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, "Our scientists believe it is likely that the Omicron wave has now peaked nationally."

Ireland has also ended their coronavirus restrictions, with the end of lockdown with an announcement that “the majority of public health measures” would be swept away! “Spring is coming, and I don’t know if I’ve ever looked forward to one as much as I’m looking to this one,” he added. “Humans are social beings and we Irish are more social than most.”

In America the Republican Party is threatening to shut down government over vaccine mandates by the President, and a New York State Supreme Court judge has ruled that Governor Kathy Hochul's mask mandate for schools and public places is unconstitutional, declaring it “null, void, and unenforceable.”

One has to ask: if everyone refuses to recognize power, does the power exist?

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