Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Paul Joseph Watson: Slavery in Context

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Slavery was a worldwide phenomenon, and has been since the beginning of history.  Countries conquer countries, civilizations clash, and every people on the planet has essentially, at one time in history, have had their ancestors enslaved, and yes, likely were also slave masters.  The very idea that "whitey bad" and everyone else should receive reparations for something that nobody today in the dominantly white countries would even fathom being involved in is ridiculous...especially when you consider that in parts of Africa and the Middle East slavery still exists today, and that during the colonial period when Europeans were enslaving persons, most of which came from Africa, the slaves were being sold by Africans.  It does, after all, take two to tango.  Demand for a supply doesn't matter if the product never makes it to market.  Blacks in Africa, however, made sure product was available.  We also must take into consideration that the Original Thirteen Colonies who became the Thirteen Original States, and the subsequent existence of the United States of America was a minor player in the overall picture regarding slavery.  Of the slaves that made it over from Africa to the Western Hemisphere, a mere 2.3% made it into what we could call today "America".  Half of those slaves came to the colonies while they were under British Rule, so to be honest, that portion of the institution of slavery can be more blamed on the British than the Americans who would come to hate slavery, fight a revolution in the hopes of breaking slavery (see Jefferson's original draft of the Declaration of Independence), and ultimately lost nearly a million lives in a War Between the States that in the end led to the abolition of slavery in the United States.  

As for the argument that the reason less slaves landed on the Atlantic Coast of North America than other regions was because in the United States they simply made more slaves through reproduction, one then has to ask why the other countries didn't enjoy such a reproductive boom of slaves.  The plain truth is because in the United States the slaves lived better than in any other place in the Americas, or any other place in the world.  Physical abuse, malnutrition, poor living conditions, and a lack of any care being provided for their health and welfare in other places led to low birth rates and death, so a constant importation of new slaves was necessary to keep up the numbers.  Simply put, when living in miserable conditions while you are starving, you tend not to reproduce and die young.  But, in America, the living conditions were largely much better than in any other slave-holding country, and in truth, even better than if they were still living in Africa.  I am not making excuses, or condoning anything, I am simply providing the facts.

The truth is the liberal progressive commie left should realize that we know their race-card B.S. is simply that.  B.S.  Racism is not alive and well in the U.S., and while we do have a history of slavery, it was not what it is being portrayed as being, and in truth the reality of slavery in our history has nothing to do with whether or not the American System is good or bad.  Our System of Liberty is the greatest system in history.  More people have been lifted out of poverty by our free market economy and our Constitution that established limited government and individual liberty for this country.  The poorest in this country lives better than 80% of those in the rest of the world.  And lastly, the idea that this country was founded on slavery is an outright lie.  It's foundation was, and still is (though the Cultural Marxism has it under full assault) Christianity.  We are all free, and the children of God.  We are all saved because of the blood of Christ.  And slavery eventually departed from our shores because of an abolition movement that used the Holy Bible as its platform and foundation.  To say otherwise would be disingenuous. 


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Chrispie said...

One heart-breaking fact of modern-day slavery is that the US now leads the world in sex trafficking, which means sex slavery, including children, thanks to the UN/Soros/Biden admin. sending/funding massive numbers of people from 100+ countries to invade what was America. Everything is inverted, perverted and purevil---that's why we will stand an fight this spiritual war.
Thanks for another awesome article, Doug!
Christie, from your Carlsbad class