Sunday, June 19, 2022

California Seeks Expansion of Abortion

By Douglas V. Gibbs

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Spooked by the reality that with the Dobbs v. Jackson case the Supreme Court of the United States may reverse Roe v. Wade, recognizing the 1973 abortion case to be unconstitutional based on the Enumeration Doctrine, according to a leak of Justice Alito's judicial opinion, the State of California's hard left legislature is making a move to ensure California becomes an killing field for unborn babies.
A recently proposed Senate Constitutional Amendment (SCA 10) is a proposal to change the California State Constitution to ensure abortions up to the time of birth (and beyond if the AB 2223 Infanticide Bill becomes law) will be legal in the once Golden State.  If two-thirds of each legislative house in California's legislature in Sacramento votes in favor of the "right to slaughter" proposal the amendment to the State Constitution will advance to the November ballot for 2022 voters to consider during this year's general election.

The American Holocaust against the unborn, faced with a federal defeat, is trying to put its bloodlust in gear in California, and we need to stop it.  Whether it is simply murder, an evil sacrifice of innocent blood to some evil entity, a sickening part of the baby body part industry exposed in recent years, or a little bit of all of the above, this wholesale slaughter of innocent babies must be stopped.

The United States Constitution provides that no person shall be deprived of their life, liberty, or property without due process.  Are not these babies persons?  Do we not ask, when we see a pregnant woman, "Ah, when is your baby due?"  

SCA 10 is scheduled to be heard on Monday, June 20th in the CA Senate, so we must be in action NOW!!!!

Call your legislative critters in Sacramento.  We must be as loud as we can so that they can hear us crying out for the lives of innocent babies.

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Lee said...
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Lee said...

Douglas, Dennis and Alan,
Thank You for the heads up! Contacted Senator Josh Newman and voiced oppression to SCA10 and suggested they watch

Have a great week,

Lee and Dee
Chino Hills Constitution Class