Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Mr. Constitution Classes: Fallbrook, Online, San Juan Capistrano

Tuesday Constitution Classes

11:00 AM


3:00 PM


6:00 PM

San Juan Capistrano

The Fallbrook Constitution Class meets on Tuesday Mornings, 11:00 AM, at the Emmanuel Baptist Church, 911 E. Elder Street in Fallbrook.

This week we continue through Article I, Section 8 (the list of enumerated powers), picking up at the clause that discusses Post Offices.

After wrapping up the 2nd and 3rd Amendments on last week's broadcast in the chatroom of the Patriot Streetfighter Online Mr. Constitution Class we encountered a commenter who was attempting to make challenges.  We offered that the July 5 program would be dedicated to answering his challenges if he wishes to engage with me.  If not, we will begin the Legal Amendments, Amendments 4-8.

Last Tuesday Night's meeting we went over an Introduction to the U.S. Constitution and the Preamble, this week we will discuss Lesson Two, Legislative Powers, with a detailed examination of Article I, Section 1.

The class meets typically every Tuesday Night, 6:00 pm, Bravos California Fresh at 31722 Rancho Viejo Road in San Juan Capistrano in the outdoor patio area.

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