Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chicago Protests Not PRIMARILY About Trump

by JASmius

I generally concur with my colleague in his rather long-winded analysis of the leftwingnut/Black Klan protests that took place in Chicago last night as it pertains to the protestors themselves.  But I do think he's at least somewhat in error in saying that it is nothing to do with Donald Trump.

Let me provide you all with a reminder of the Trumplican-on-black violence - all of it unprovoked - that has transpired at recent Trump rallies:

Ominously, individual Trump supporters are following their leader’s exhortations and are attacking protesters, including one particularly vicious sucker punch at a rally yesterday — seen from a number of angles in the video below:

Then there was this ugly incident in Kentucky:

The entire incident occurred next to a band of white supremacists, a loathsome collection of men and women who are flocking to Trump’s banner — both online and at his rallies. 
Let’s be clear, applauding or participating in this violence isn’t evidence of “toughness.” It’s cowardice. Trump sits safely at his podium urging his supporters to do the dirty work. His campaign manager tosses a young woman around without apology. Unhinged Trump voters sucker punch and push small bands of protesters, not just brutalizing them but also showing the world exactly the kind of behavior Trump encourages and expects from his devoted followers.

This is the context in which the much, MUCH larger army of violent Marxist-Alinskyist rabble mobilized and showed up at the UIC Pavilion last night.

And yes, it was pre-planned and pre-meditated:

**Buying tickets and then not showing up WILL NOT BE EFFECTIVE. The Pavilion will be filled with overflow crowd if people with tickets do not show up. Make sure to spread this as well.**

For those of you able to get tickets to the event, we are not responsible for the actions you take with your ticket. If you would like assistance from us in order to uphold our message and protect your safety, please feel free to message us and we will be making the proper connections as needed in the near future. If you got a ticket and would like to attend the actual Trump Rally, get there early! His website says doors open at 3PM and we’re sure others will be there even earlier than that. [emphasis added]

Sure sounds to me like the protest's (community) organizers were nudge-nudge/wink-winking their minions towards violence....pretty much like Trump does his followers.

In other words, this BLM attack was retaliatory, not pre-emptive.

Would BLM and "friends" have attacked pre-emptively if it had been a Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio rally if either of them were the Republican frontrunner?  Of course.  Violent, tyrannical agitation is what leftwingnuts do.  Indeed, I was warming about the coming commie-bastard assault on this summer's Republican National Convention in Cleveland last summer.  That's coming regardless of who the GOP's presidential standardbearer is.  They are, in short, entirely responsible for their own brownshirt actions.

Where yesterday evening's events DO have to do with Donald Trump is in the fact that his own actions have provided some measure of PR cover and even justification for it that will be highly salable to low-information voters.  Thanks to the violent white racist rabble that Trump's campaign has attracted, his indifference at best about disavowing them, and his "strongman"/faux tough guy rhetoric, the media Narrative will not be "leftwing violence trying to silence Republican political opposition, aka the mob's veto" - which is to say, they wouldn't cover the story at all, other than locally with no political context or followup - but "White supremacist Trump and the racist GOP succeeding in sparking race war".

As he has on so many other issues, Donald Trump is serving, whether he realizes it or not - and I think he does - as the Left's enabler, their "man on the inside," validating every filthy, despicable smear that the Democrats have ever vomited on the Right.  Which is why we in #NeverTrump are not at all indifferent about disavowing him, and are not riding shotgun on the coming Republikaze run.

He is not us, and we will not be turned into him.

What actually is of more interest to me is the very fact that the "strongman"/faux tough guy, the Ultimate Alpha Male with the penis larger and longer than the Dos Equis spokesman, would allow a bunch of commie-lib protestors to not only take over his rally, but make him run away in fear and terror.  I don't care if he was following Chicago police department advice.  This is DONALD TRUMP we're talking about....

....the MAN who doesn't take crap from ANYBODY, who will FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! all our (domestic) enemies (until he changes his mind and cuts "awesome" deals with them instead), who will force Mexico to build and pay for a border wall, who will "bomb the shit" out of ISIS, who will cure a rainy day, the heartbreak of psoriasis, and the creepin' crud - and fend off the clap! - in the classiest fashion imaginable, who will work literal (and unilateral and unconstitutional executive) miracles with the mere wave of his magic toupee - or so he promises now.

That is the image, the "brand" he's created for his candidacy.  It's what sets him apart from all the other genuine Republicans seeking the presidency, or that's what his duped, brainwashed minions obstinately believe.  They were only listening to his candidacy declaration nine months ago, heard what they wanted to hear, and have stopped listening to him every since.  Kind of like when Jim Ignatowsky ate his first marijuana brownie on Taxi.  And now they're willing to defend anything he does or says, any exhortation to beat up protestors, any rally cancellation to flee protestors, any issue flip-flip, including on immigration, any flat-out denial of reality, because Trumplicanism is their tribe and Trump is their leader.

Nothing that involves Trump can possibly NOT be about Trump to some degree.  Of what happened last night in Chicago The Donald can be accurately described as the victim, and #BlackLivesMatter the perpetrators.  But to an extent indescribable of any genuine Republican who has ever lived, he did at least help bring it upon himself.

UPDATE: Why this man should be the GOP frontrunner:

This guy thought he was going to lead a party that was fundamentally conservative. Now, not only is he coming to grips with the reality that he’s not going to lead it, he’s trying to cope with the fact that whatever it’s become, it’s not conservative. As for the fiasco last night in Chicago, Jazz is a thousand percent right: Trump had every right to hold that rally without leftist goons forcing him offstage. The heckler’s veto is immoral when jihadis exercise it against critics of Islam and it’s immoral when SJWs exercise it against Trump. Before we crown him America’s new free-speech martyr, though, never forget that his own opinion about heckler’s vetoes hasn’t always been so clear. Remember what happened last year when two Islamist scumbags tried to attack Pam Geller’s Mohammed cartoon contest?

The U.S. has enough problems without publicity seekers going out and openly mocking religion in order to provoke attacks and death. BE SMART

He didn’t just say that on Twitter, either. Trump cares about his right to speak free of intimidation, not yours. [emphasis added]

Exit question: Why, Mr. Gibbs, do you, as a constitutional originalist, continue to give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt?

UPDATE: Well, well, what say you about this, Trumplicans?:

A Chicago Police Department spokesman told the Associated Press that the police did not suggest Donald Trump cancel his Friday night rally, contrary to what Trump has said in interviews.

CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the AP that the department did not recommend Trump call off the event and said they had sufficient manpower to cover the rally. Guglielmi said that the decision to shut down the event was made "independently" by the Trump campaign. That runs contrary to what Trump has said in interviews since massive protests engulfed his event and supporters clashed with demonstrators after the cancellation announcement. [emphasis added]

So Trump lied again.  He lied about the cops to cover up what, by his followers' own definition, should be seen by them as craven cowardice and hypocrisy.  The "strongman"/faux tough guy/Ultimate alpha male ran away from the protesters, and nobody made him do it.  Almost as if he were a "low energy" guy like....Jeb Bush.  Except I don't think even Jeb would have run away.  He may have made an ass of himself trying to "reach out" to them to "establish a dialogue" or whatever, but I can't see him fleeing.

Oh, I know you're probably already defending your leader's el foldo on the grounds that it was "responsible" and "avoided violence" and was even "statesmanlike".  Or maybe, like the old joke about why Italian tanks have one forward gear and three reverse gears, you'll claim that he didn't run away from #BlackLivesMatter, but just "advanced in another direction".  Perhaps Ann Coulter has already tweeted out an alternate history account where Trump personally waded out into the crowd and beat every one of the protesters unconscious with his giant phallus; I can't verify that because I de-followed her Twitter feed months ago.

Point is, were it anybody else, I may or may not have agreed with the decision made last evening, but with Trump such indefatigable, contortionistic, pathetic excuse-making can only elicit uncontrollable eye-rolling and a level of cynicism that could bifurcate carbon neutronium, because it is what Trumplicans always do.

Feel free to prove me wrong.  I certainly won't be complaining.  Indeed, I could use such a pleasant surprise.  It'd be my first in years.

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