Thursday, April 07, 2016

South Carolina Joins The Gender Sanity Movement

by JASmius

Goodness gracious, North Carolina rolls back "transgender" insanity, Georgia attempts to restore First Amendment religious liberties and freedom of association, Mississippi (over)-succeeds, and now South Carolina throws the perverts out of public restrooms.  This is starting to resemble....a federalist movement:

Riding on the coattails of its sister State of North Carolina, South Carolina is now trying to prohibit transgender people from using public bathrooms, showers or changing rooms of their choice, the State reports.

"Men should use the men's room, and women should use the women's room — that's just common sense.

Which has never been "common," and now is all but non-existent.

North Carolina is getting so much flak over what is common sense," State Senator Lee Bright, a Republican who has introduced the bill, told the newspaper.

"If you allow people to identify themselves with a different gender in there, you're putting women in an unsafe situation."

To say nothing of children, which I will point out again is why feminists ought to be screaming bloody murder about a real threat to women (and children) instead of MSU slanderously lies about "rape cultures" and the like, which in turn illustrates how they are leftwingnut extremists first and their own identity politics gimmick second.

If passed, the legislation would ban municipalities throughout the Palmetto State from forcing businesses to allow transgender customers or workers who want to choose which bathrooms they use.

It should pass.  I'm not entirely confident that Governor Nikki Haley won't veto it along Nathan Deal lines, but then I figured Pat McCrory would veto his State's bathroom protection bill (three more words you never imagined would ever be used in such close proximity), and he surprised me, so optimism might be warranted.  And then the Obama Regime can start threatening to cut off South Carolina as well.

It is, however, easier to threaten one State than it is two, and two than it is three, three than it is four, and so on.  That's how movements work.

Maybe there really is strength in numbers.

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