Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Joy Behar Calls Rumsfeld 'Hitler-like' on 'The View'

It is because of people like this that we are losing the war in America - Or are we?


Anonymous said...

Nice Video Doug,

I don't really think that we are loosing, it seems to be a Liberal talking point more than anything.

Joy Behar Is one that I never could stand from the very beginning of seeing that program "The View" of course I never went back to there again to watch anything else, it seems that they are very Liberal except maybe the younger Lady who might be a little bit Conservative.

prying1 said...

This only shows that some (if not most) liberals,

a: Know nothing of history.

b: Are incapable of critical thinking and only spit up radical talking points.

c: Are not worth listening to.


The war against terrorism will take a long time and very many Presidents. These idiots will be around hindering the whole process.

Obob said...

The pathetic part is she has an audience and an agenda. What concerns me is the lack awareness of the time we live in and the hacks on the air. Prying1 is dead on in terms she knows nothing of history. What really yanks my chain is how freely the liberals throw the Nazi term around with no respect to those who dies from their tyranny.

Anonymous said...

I thought you people don't care about what celebrities say?

Anonymous said...

I thought you people don't care about what celebrities say?

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Who said we don't care? When it is undermining our nation, I care. What was said is that celebrities seem to think we care about their politics in the sense of agreement. I could care less what they have to say in the sense that I don't look up to them like they think people do. . . but I do care in the sense that what they say is damaging because there are some people out there who are unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy (like them and like the liberals). Don't be so absolute, MK, think about the meanings behind what people say.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you at least saying we shouldn't care?