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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Heading up to Oregon, but first, a word from the Beach Girl!

Conservative Beach Girl sent me an e-mail this morning advising me of some truly hairy stuff going on regarding Muslims in America. She also let me know of a related post at Gates of Vienna (listened to the Baron on Andrea Shea King's show earlier this week, and the Baron came off as articulate and intelligent - - oops, can I use that word "articulate?")

Thanks, dear, for the heads up, as well as the cool post regarding my analogy: "Trying to take care of the amnesty problem without putting up the fence and enforcing the law is like bailing water out of a boat without plugging the hole."

Did you hear about Gitmo and the pressure to close the prison? Read my post on it over at American Pundit.

Also, read my post about Appeasing a Ruthless Enemy at My Point.
Tomorrow I will be guest on Independently Correct Radio, and Tuesday I will be on Daniel Myers Live. Perhaps while I am on those shows I'll tell you a little more about my house in Oregon, and the interesting story regarding how I received it.

And thank you to Jeff Edwards for being a fantastic guest on Political Pistachio Radio! Click his name to go to his site and get the book. Seriously, the book is fantastic!

For now, as I run out the door to begin the 16 hour drive to Brookings, Oregon, check out these pics from my past visits to paradise.

Oh, and if you didn't notice, BlogTalkRadio, in their infinite wisdom (due to Political Pistachio Radio's rapidly rising numbers and superior content) has placed my show on their featured show's list - where we will remain as long as the numbers continue to rise, and the content continues to be fresh and superior!

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