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Monday, June 25, 2007

Oregon Coast & Chemical Ali & The Oregonian

So, here I am on the Oregon Coast. It is so different here when compared to my home in Southern California. Traffic here means that one car was at the stop sign ahead of you. Congestion on the roadway means a deer crossed the road and a handful of cars slowed down for her.

This morning I had breakfast at a little restaurant overlooking the beach. The Pacific Ocean looks so different here. Crisp.

Last night I was on the radio with Paul Couturier on Independently Correct Radio. One of the issues he brought up was Chemical Ali being sentenced to hang.

This makes me happy.

Am I happy because a fellow human being is being put to death?

No. Because Ali is not a fellow human being. He is an animal that orchestrated, with Saddam Hussein, genocide. He is guilty of warcrimes, and crimes against humanity that proves that he is evil. Yes, I used the word "evil." There is no other word that can fully describe this notorious murderer.

Ask the Kurds.

I read up about Ali's sentencing in today's newspaper, the Oregonian. Was it on the front page? Of course not. The Oregonian, known for being liberal beyond compare, plastered on the front page a story about a soldier from Iraq that is the most severely wounded of all - paralyzed. Then they go on about the death tolls in Iraq of Americans, and how there are even more injured - don't get me wrong, death is an unfortunate part of war, and needs not be ignored, but they forget that we did not volunteer to be in this Jihad. The Jihadists pulled us into it. They committed an act of war against us, and rather than treat it like a minor criminal act, we have taken all of the terrorism against this nation as acts of war. If someone on the street punched me in the face I would wonder why, I would ask him to stop. But if he did it again, I would punch back. I would defend myself. That's what you do when the unreasonable attacks you. Especially when the lives of fellow Americans are at risk.

Oh, also on the front page was the incredible report that Oregon State, for the second year in a row, has won the College World Series. Congrats, Beavers.

What impressed me about the team is when they won they didn't just gather their gear and walk off the field. They waited until the team was gathered together around home plate, and then walked off the field as a team.

The Liberals should take note.

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