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Monday, June 18, 2007

Mike Nifong was let off easy - like most "evil" in the world

Mike Nifong was the Durham District Attorney that decided his political career was more important than a bunch of innocent Duke lacrosse players.

Nifong manipulated the investigation to help his chances in an upcoming election. Convicting a bunch of white lacrosse players for the rape of a black girl would have boosted his chances in an election where the black vote holds a lot of power. Problem was, the case was a sham. He lied. His misconduct included outright dishonesty, fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation. He knew that there was no DNA evidence connecting players to the woman accusing them of rape, but he was so hungry to find any evidence to link a lacrosse player to the accuser's story that he lied. As it turned out, the report of rape was a lie, and Nifong got caught.

Being disbarred for such an evil act (and yes, when you ruin these boys lives, or at least screw up their lives during this trial period and could have ruined their lives forever, because of narcissistic reasons, the word "evil" is appropriate) is hardly a just punishment for Nifong. The player's defense attorney will seek criminal contempt charges next week, and a federal rights investigation that could lead to putting this jerk in prison for a long time is not out of line. He deserves the full penalty of law.

This is a lesson for today regarding the war against terrorism, as well. Those who fail to acknowledge that there is evil out there, and that it needs to be dealt with in an aggressive manner, fail to recognize the true danger of letting evil off the hook. They wish to appease evil, characterizing it as a social problem, finding such activities to be the result of hard times, or childhood abuse, or whatever. Such a dismissal of evil is desensitizing this nation, enabling people to lose their appreciation for individual worth. In the end it spells disaster for a society, because we begin to forfeit our ability to make moral judgements. We will begin to renounce the moral authority of a just God in favor of moral relativism, redefining evil as a social or psychological ill.

It is a grave error to mistake evil for something that just springs up because of poor upbringing, or a case for an insanity plea. By doing this we face evil from a position of weakness, leaving us to misunderstand the nature of evil, and to misjudge what evil is truly capable of.

Liberals claim that the parallels between Islamism and Nazi Germany do not exist. Perhaps they are right. In fact, they are correct. Islamism is nothing like Nazism. If is far worse, and far more dangerous to our liberty and way of life. Peace is not the absence of conflict in the way that liberals recognize it to be. Peace is achieved when a people have the courage and the resolve to defend itself, keeping any enemy bent on a society's destruction from following through with their murderous plans. History teaches us that. The holocaust taught us that. Appeasement failed when Chamberlain negotiated with Hitler, and history demands that we never forget what happens when we lay down our arms and refuse to understand the nature of our enemy.

Liberals wish to apologize to the enemy, and make concessions for them. They minimize, deny, and discredit the factual atrocities and oppression caused by this new enemy. They forget that when it came to defeating the Nazis, and Soviet Russia, it took an American commitment to freedom to defeat these foes. America, and the free world, prevailed because of their willingness to confront the enemy, despite the liberal opposition and obstruction. Men like Roosevelt and Reagan had a basic faith in America and the freedom she represents.

Now, the Democratic Congress would rather pull our troops off of the battlefield during the fight, degenerating this nation into a spirit of pessimism and defeat. Doom and gloom, and the ultimate surrender to our enemies, is their agenda. They wish to convince us that the best America has to offer has passed, and the only way to survive is to turn ourselves into a socialistic province of a global economic and political entity. They blame America for the evil out there. They say that the violence in the Middle East is the fault of us being a superpower, and daring to stick our troops into the region. They wish to shift the American focus away from the evil of radical Islam and towards the so-called moral lapses of the United States. They are right on one point. We are guilty of moral lapses, but not from the kind of secular morality they offer, but from the Judeo-Christian moral values this nation was founded and built upon.

Undermining our moral vision, and failing to recognize evil when it is staring us in the face, has aided the United States in losing its ability to make moral arguments against evil. This radical, multi-cultural, agenda is leading to America's demise. I don't wish for multi-culturalism and diversity in my society. That leads to segregation, which I thought we eliminated after the civil rights movement. We are not Mexican-Americans, and Black-Americans, and Jewish-Americans, and White-Americans, and Asian-Americans, and Native Americans. We are AMERICANS. One people. And we must unite to defend this nation against an evil far worse than Nazism, Communism, and liberalism. Islamism is that evil, and the radical purveyors of this evil, using terror as their vehicle, must be defeated.

Islamism wishes to destroy our way of life, and they will stop at nothing to do it. Meanwhile, we pussyfoot around with Nifong, when the choice is obvious. Send him to prison, and defend this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Secure the borders. Shutdown enemy facilities in the United States and in our freedom loving ally's nations, such as Islamberg in Upper New York State. Fight this enemy like they need to be fought against, and let them know that Americans do not back down, will not convert, and will fight to preserve our freedom!


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God Bless.

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