Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Speech Rights For Some? National Rifle Association Sells Out

By Douglas V. Gibbs

National Rifle Association member Casey came to bat, and the Mighty Casey struck out. Maybe he was paid off to do so by the same dirt balls that were behind the Black Sox Scandal.

The National Rifle Association has long been a supporter of free speech rights, arguing that free speech rights are integral to protecting 2nd Amendment rights.

But would the NRA be willing to receive special treatment while other's free speech rights are still limited?

They would.

The DISCLOSE Act is designed to zero in on contributions to campaigns that the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission addressed. The Court decision found provisions of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance legislation that prohibited corporations, including non-profit 501C4s such as the NRA, from exercising their first amendment free speech rights in political campaigns were unconstitutional. The DISCLOSE Act would require advocacy groups engaged in election-related activities, but not trade unions, to disclose their donors in a number of ways, in the hopes of circumventing the Supreme Court decision.

Of course the Democrats will protect the unions. Trade Unions are the strong arm thugs of the Left. The special favors are disgusting, to say the least.

But then the unbelievable happened. The House Democrat Leadership offered the NRA a special favor, specifically exemption from the DISCLOSE Act, if the NRA would drop opposition to the liberty killing bill.

This is the same kind of sleazy dealing the Democrats used to get the Health Care bill to pass. Now this? But the most alarming part of it all is that the NRA said, "Yes!"

So while other 501C4s have their First Amendment rights taken away by this ridiculous free speech killing bill, the NRA got a special deal and will be exempt.

I am a supporter, normally, of the NRA. But not on this. When the sleazy tentacles of the hard left Democrats can even draw in the NRA, you know it is a sad day in Mudville, indeed.

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