Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Coronavirus: Word of Empty Hospitals, and any Other Dissent Shall Be Silenced

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Due to my stance on the coronavirus where, while I recognize for some people the COVID-19 disease may be serious, and even fatal, I believe that the severity of the disease has been greatly exaggerated.

I have participated in the social distancing thing, anyway.  Mild, or not, I would prefer not to get sick.  I already do a lot of things to keep my immune system strong so that I rarely get the seasonal flu each year, so why would I be careless with the corona virus?

That all said, my stance that the hysteria has been manufactured, that the disease is being used to encourage totalitarian policies and public fear (because tyranny feeds on fear), has been met with a lot of rage from the other side, and in the case of Facebook, Political Pistachio articles have now been banned on the social media site.

Recently, Trish Regan was let go from FOX Business for having a similar attitude about the coronavirus that I have.

Why?  Is it simply because of the fact that we disagree with the official narrative, or have we struck a chord that threatens to expose the narrative for what it really is?

According to the Business Insider, multiple reports claim hospitals are threatening to fire medical workers who speak to the media about the coronavirus outbreak.

The article states the silence is being required after these workers have tried to voice concerns about not enough equipment, and policies they believe may be harmful to their health.

A discussion I had with a nurse here on the west coast where I live, however, told me that the silent treatment being pushed upon the medical workers is more sinister than we are being told.

"We are low census where I work anticipating overflow, but it still isn't happening.  A lot of nurses have been called off.  We've been told not to discuss this stuff outside the hospital, but so far all of our rule outs in the hospital have been negative."

Another nurse, one I know through a game I play on my phone and who lives on the east coast, told me something similar.  "They keep telling us that the hospital will fill up with people dying from coronavirus, but it hasn't happened.  The rush of patients has not happened.  The beds are empty, but we are being told to tell nobody about it."

Citizen Free Press confirms the information I am getting from my two nurse friends.  The hospitals are empty, but they don't want you to know about it. (estimates off by 800%)


My theory is as follows:  The Chinese Communists and the Deep State Progressive Global Left worked together to hit the world with a pandemic in the hopes it would destroy Trump, and any other movement calling for sovereignty and liberty.  Except, a weaker version of the planned disease got out, instead.  Despite the weak version being the virus circulating the globe, they all had parts to play, and the thing is still being treated as if it is a massive pandemic.  Some people would still die, and the economy would still be decimated so that, as Senator James Clyburn said, the corona virus creates a "tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision."

And we have all bought into the hysteria... well, not all of us.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary


Unknown said...

Again Doug, great info.
Much appreciated

RobertGarding said...

doug, as always you have your finger right on the pulse of what is going on. Would really love to have you on my show sometime soon to discuss all of this stupidity going on around the world and our nation. The truth has to be put out there if we are to survive this I think.