Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Islamic Terrorism in America. . . latest hit? In Ohio.

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Theodore Shoebat reports that in Ohio, "Mohammad Laghaoui, took hostages in an apartment complex and then opened fire with an AK-47 on an officer once she arrived on the scene. The hostages were Mohammad’s father and brother. Mohammad threatened to murder his father and brother. His brother dialed 911 and Mohammad punched his father in the face and left, only to return with an AK-47. His father and brother locked Mohammad out. He opened fire through the door and shot his father in the arm. The officer, Deputy Katie Barnes, responded to the emergency call and arrived on the site."

As we've been reporting right here on Political Pistachio, Islamic jihad is in America, and the Democrats refuse to call it what it is, and if anything is doing what they can to embolden and enable war by Muslims against American Citizens on our own soil.

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FBI never even VISITED gun store after owner reported Orlando jihad killer when he tried to buy ammo; surveillance has been ERASED

Arkansas: Married Muslim couple who made TERRORISTIC DEATH THREATS taken into custody for FBI questioning

Los Angeles Terrorist Attack Averted

Aside from the Orlando attack (which is being spun as the fault of Americans, and Christianity), have you heard about the above incidents?  Of course not.  Islamic terror in the United States does not support the narrative that is fueled by appeasement of Islam by the Obama administration.  Their response?  Coddle Islam.  Hire Muslims who have verbalized their hate for America and support for jihad to serve in Homeland Security.  It's about the political spin, anyway.  The Democrats want to use jihad as an excuse to confiscate legally owned firearms in America.  After all, the New York Times has said that our Second Amendment Rights should be suspended.  Why?  Mass terror by Muslim terrorists is the fault of Christians.  The Democrats are more worried about violent right-wing extremists. . . even though the armed population of conservatives has not even considered committing terrorist attacks (something about being a virtuous people, and abiding by the rule of law).

If anything, aside from the violence from Muslims in America, it's the Democrats who are the violent ones.  Just take a look at how they act at Trump Rallies.

In Ohio, the man named Mohammad opened fire on civilians and the police.  But, it was believed he was a moderate Muslim.  He was the quiet type and did not talk a lot. He enjoyed skateboarding and worked at Subway. He was never perceived as someone who could kill someone. He was the typical case of the predator who kills, only for people to say of him later: “He was a nice guy, very quiet.”

Islam has declared war on the West, and we refuse to recognize it as such.  When we were at war with Germany, Japan and Italy during World War II we prohibited the immigration of Germans, Japanese, and Italians.  Was the United States being insensitive?  Racist?  Bigoted?  No. We couldn't tell the good from the bad.

So, now that Islam is at war with us, what does our leaders do?  They invite and import the enemy into our country, and then work to disarm the citizens as the enemy begins committing violence against our population.  They claim we should believe the deception presented by's not deception at all.  Islam is, after all, the Religion of Peace.  

Either, our leaders are very stupid, or they are complicit.

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