Saturday, January 14, 2017

Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs: One Week Remaining

Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs today (Saturday) at 1:00 pm Pacific, hosted by Douglas V. Gibbs and Alex Ferguson. You can listen online at, or catch the podcast later on our SoundCloud Page.

Inauguration Day is less than a week away.  Is violence waiting to be launched?

Guest call in if you would like to join the conversation is 951-922-3532.

Here's today's AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week:

→ Obamacare Repeal Must Be First Priority

→ Real Housewives of ISIS

→ Child's Jihad

→ Islamic Attacks Increase

→ Coyote Principle

→ Losing Roy Innis

→ Liberty Untapped

→ Leftist Conundrum

→ California's War Against Trump

→ Democrats: Cops are Pigs

→ Meryl Streep and the Disabled Reporter

→ Obama's Goodbye Speech

→ Trump's Hello Press Conference

→ Victory Sessions

→ Inauguration Day Preview

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