Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jeb Bush: "I'd Leave Obamnesty In Place"

by JASmius

Yes, we know that Jeb Bush agrees with the policy behind the Immigration Proclamation - it's why he's about as popular in the GOP as genital herpes and why he's got a better shot at becoming one of Gladys Knight's "Pips" than he does the Republican presidential nominee.  But you would at least think that he'd differ with The One on the illegal, unlawful, unconstitutional process by which he tyrannical shoved it down our throats and continues to flout a court injunction against its implementation and promise to reverse that executive order even as he urged Congress to legislatively enact it via "comprehensive immigration reform," receiving either a collective laugh in his face or the collective death knell of this latest (and likely final) GOP majority.

You would think wrong:

Jeb Bush told Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly that he would not attempt to immediately reverse President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration should he succeed him in the Oval Office.

The former Florida governor said he would instead wait for Congress to pass a law to make changes in immigration policy.

That sets Bush apart from many of his Republican counterparts who have said they would take immediate action. Obama in November issued an [unlawful] executive action to prevent millions of illegal immigrants from being deported.

Bush suggested that GOP voters "can be persuaded" to his way of thinking on the issue.

You're delusional, Jeb.  I don't care if you drain every last one of Mitt Romney's deep-pocketed donors, you'll never raise enough to perform that act of ideological alchemy.  Or, put another way, don't confuse resignation with a change of heart.

What this tells us is that on the issue of national sovereignty and executive tyranny, Bush III would be taking the full baton from King Hussein.  His preferred nationally suicidal immigration policy making a mockery of law and citizenship already forced on the country by his predecessor, Jeb would use that fait accompli to coerce a Republican Congress into backfilling it legislatively.  To, in effect, legalize Obamnesty, even as they were slitting their own electoral throats.

And if the GOP majorities surprised us by telling Jeb to go pound a chalupa instead?  Would Bush45 then comply with the law and the Constitution and withdraw Obamnesty and put that issue on the back burner until he could magically "persuade GOP voters to his way of thinking on the issue"?  Or would he continue it and become bipartisanly complicit in the most blatant act of despotism in American history?  I think we already have our answer.

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