Saturday, July 22, 2017

Constitution Radio: Christian Resistance

Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs, Saturdays at 1:00 pm Pacific onKMET 1490-AM welcomes special guest Pastor Ernie Sanders and Double X on today's radio program.

Hosts Douglas V. Gibbs, Dennis Jackson, and Alex Ferguson tackle the fiery issues of the week on Constitution Radio on KMET. Miss the program? Podcast is Here.

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Out the shoot we will be joined by Pastor Ernie Sanders and Double X to discuss the presence of divine Providence at the founding of the United States.

After the interview the hosts of Constitution Radio on KMET will discuss the remaining stories from today's list of the CarStar/AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week, July 22, 2017:

⬝ New American Makes Mention of Douglas V. Gibbs

⬝ Award Winning Political Pistachio Composer

⬝ Successful Constitution Association Annual Event

⬝ A Raucous Riverside County Central Committee Meeting

⬝ Wray Confirmation has Democrats Nervous

⬝ History Corner: The False Belief the Winners Always Write the History

  • One millennial I was talking to said he does not believe anything unless he was there to see it
⬝ Constitution Corner: Was the General Welfare Clause a Mistake?

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